All Things to Consider When Choosing a Career

We are long past the times where choosing a career was a subject reserved only for the young people, who are, in their youthful, inexperienced years, obliged to decide the professional course of their lives. With general life standards constantly ascending and resulting in people living longer and more prosperous – there is a noticeable reaction with people switching between careers, choosing new ones, or having a couple of different ones. Nevermind if you’re changing jobs, entering college, or starting a brand new career, there are several things you should predominantly consider.

A Carefully Thought Out Process

Everyone would naturally assume that the payment would be the number one reason when considering a career, but in the recent survey of workers across financial, accounting and legal sectors (which are all-time favored and most paying professions), shows that above money and benefits, and flexible working also, prevails meaningful work.

One of life’s truths is that taking a job purely for the monetary benefits is inevitably going to lead to a lot of despair and worry in later life.

After making sure what careers would bring meaningfulness to you, you should definitely contemplate on the market next.

  • What positions would be estimated to endure in the constant decline of the job market, especially in the actual global crisis caused by pandemic? 
  • What positions are to “survive” or adapt to technological advancement and changes inside their industries?
  • What positions are appearing or are believed to be the careers of the future?

In pursuing your new career, this market factor is proving to be the most influential thing, where one has to be prepared to change or customize their dream career.

For example, according to, the insurance industry is currently the most appealing career choice, given the massive market size, ease of access to the industry, and diversity of the professions within it – whether you want to work in customer service for a small agency, lead a team of software engineers or help people manage their life insurance and retirement plans.

10 Questions To Ask Yourself

Nevermind if you’re young and just starting to consider modern or evergreen careers or changing it mid-way, the path you choose will have a big impact on your prospects and life. It can affect your identity, personal satisfaction, lifestyle, income, family, and retirement. Practically or psychologically, these questions can give you insight into the careers that would be fulfilling and fun for you:

  1. What are your interests – the activities you enjoy in your free time, the hobbies you do, indoor or outdoor, is it with people, animals, data or books.
  1. What are your skills – the skills that you’ve learned (mechanical or culinary skills) or the skills that you possess (teamwork, time management)
  1. What are your talents – something that during the day comes most naturally to you and make you feel authentic and best version of yourself
  1. What is your personality – the distinction between being leader or follower, working alone or in group, preferring action over ideas, or creative over the structural process
  1. What are your values – values or qualities important to you, like work ethics or social justice
  1. What education or training do you need – how much effort, time, and money is required and how much you can deliver
  1. Are there market needs for this kind of career – you should consider the potential job availability in the future also
  1. How much money do you want to make – appraise the earning potential as you limit down your career options
  1. Where do you want to live– the location of your career should mirror where you want to live, in the urban or rural areas 
  1. Why do you want to engage in this exact career – is this decision genuinely your wish or an expression of someone else’s 

True To Yourself

This is all you have to be – honest about what you like to do, where and when to do it, how long, and for who. That is what you hope to do in your entire working life. 

Choosing a career may well be one of the most difficult decisions you ever make and the one which can impact your life the most, therefore you want to make sure that you will be content with your decision, while also making an acceptable living. So, when selecting a career, you should consider the desired lifestyle, skills, interests, how you spend your time, energy, and resources.

However, you should also know that trends in the market can change, skills can be taught, doing what your parents want you to do will only make you miserable.

In the end, the whole career can be changed but being passionate about and dedicated to something almost always pays off. It helps to assess carefully from all angles so you can have a clearer picture regarding your career. Once you do, you can make better decisions moving forward.

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