How To Pick The Fanciest Accessories For A Trendy Look This Season

Being trendy is about way more than just your clothes. Accessories are an integral part of completing a look and, just like clothes, they are updated every season. Yes, you don’t have to completely change everything, but there are a few things we’d recommend you definitely keep in your arsenal for this season. Here are some of the best accessories for a trendy look this season, and how you should pick them.

Simple Jewelry Sets

In recent years past we have seen “more is more” make quite the comeback. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets for women, you name it. If you weren’t stacking it, your outfit was lacking. But now we’re slowly seeing the return of less is more. Simple coordinated jewelry sets are a great way to add an elegant feel to your outfit. Jewelry in gold is making quite the comeback. Rose gold has been all the rage for the last few years, but we’re seeing this trend fading out in favor of more traditional-looking yellow gold.

With the less is more mentality, those chunky chains are also on their way out. Going for the more minimalistic jewelry such as a nose pin Indian look will elevate your entire look and make anything you wear appear immediately more elegant. This doesn’t mean hoops and dangly earrings are out, it just means that you should wear them with a simple ring and bracelet rather than tons of stacked jewelry.

Throw on a Classy Scarf

Scarfs have been an elegant woman’s essential for many, many years. We sadly saw them fluttering out of fashion, but they are making a comeback in a big way. Neck and hair scarfs have an air of timeless elegance about them and anyone who wears them. These are not chunky knit scarfs or even long scarfs you can throw over your shoulders like a shawl to keep you warm on a chilly day. The scarfs we’re talking about are those tiny, silk, twill, and chiffon scarfs you might see in an old film. They are designed to accentuate the neck and add a sophisticated element to an otherwise seemingly casual outfit.

A Good Quality Belt

Belts remain an ever-constant fashion accessory. While the style of the belt may change, the fact of the matter the belt will never go out of style. Belts serve a practical purpose, to make your outfit fit you better, but they also serve a fashion purpose. They are a great way to show off your figure and can complete an otherwise incomplete look.

Just as is the case with jewelry, bulky belts are not in. Blingy, stud-encrusted belt buckles will make the fashion police cry. Please leave that in the past and early 2000’s where they belong. Wear neat and cleanly designed belts for the professional environment. You can go for something that has an intricate design on the belt itself, but please keep the buckle itself simple and elegant. Also, be sure to choose a good quality belt. Make one investment rather than buying tons of poor-quality belts. You should have at least two belts. One should be black and the other should be brown. This way you have a belt for every possible outfit you can dream of putting together.

A Watch

When it comes to watches you have a lot more variety now than in the past. People are loyalists to expensive watch brands, but smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Fitbit are not as classless or untrendy as some would lead you to believe. With the introduction of fully customizable watch straps, you can make your smartwatch appropriate for any occasion. These are an incredibly trendy accessory right now. They do so much more than your typical watch and you can change the strap with ease to suit your mood and outfit on any given day.

Your Bag

Bags, you can never have too many, can you? Another accessory that will never quite go out of style. You’ll need an appropriate bag for different occasions. Be sure that your closet has a few different options for you to play with and that you invest in a few that are a little more neutral so that they are more versatile. Just like we recommended with belts, have at least one brown and one black to suit any outfit. From there you can get a little more creative and turn it into a statement piece. We highly recommend that you make your bag your statement piece for any outfit. Colour match it with your scarf, a pair of shoes, or even your belt to make the entire ensemble cohesive.

Looking trendy this season is all about keeping it elegant. Making these tiny changes to your wardrobe will really boost your outfit game.

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