How to Create Your Weekly Workout Routine

How to Create Your Weekly Workout Routine

If you stopped going to the gym due to the pandemic, or if you’ve never started a workout routine, it’s time to get moving. Your workout routine will be more effective if you have a set schedule and block out time for your wellness work.

Figure Out What Days You Want to Workout

Working out when you have time often means you never actually get to the gym. Working out only on the weekend makes Monday a season of miserable soreness. If you can work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a fun hike, swim or bicycle ride on the weekend, block out the time and set up your day to make it easier.

Force the Habit

Put your workout clothes in the bathroom so going to the gym is the next step in the process each day. Many people think they will have time to go to the gym after work, but life can get in the way of those plans.

Additionally, you’ll find yourself at the gym with everyone else who just left the office. You may have to wait to use the machines, the mats, and the weights. If you go in the morning, you’ve set your day up for more healthy choices.

Guard Your Schedule

Making room for exercise is personal. If you have children, career, spouse, house, and a lot of other schedule draws, you may only be able to work out twice a week. To do this effectively,

  • find something fun
  • go with a friend
  • set the routine and make it a date

Your family will grow to understand your new normal, but if you don’t push to guard that time, the time will be eaten up by other activities. Let folks know during your Thursday dinner together that you need time away on Saturday afternoon for a Zoomba class and go.

Get Guidance

Work with a trainer to help you build great form. Too much weight early in the process will put you at risk of injury, and nothing derails a workout plan faster than pain. To avoid time in a brace or a splint, be ready to use the 5 pound dumbbells until great form is your habit, then bump up to 7.5 pounds.

Build Slowly

If you plan to work out every Saturday no matter what and realize you’re dreading the weekend, your working out too hard and not having enough fun with it. You should feel energized by a workout. If you need a ice pack and a massage after every exercise session, dial back the pressure on your body and brain or you will fall out of the workout habit pretty quickly.

Gear Up Slowly

A good pair of sneakers, a tee and some workout shorts are all you need to really get started working out. It can be very tempting to overspend and overinvest in your workout space, but you’ll be much happier with your experience if you can get into another facility for your workout. Buying weights means that you now have to store weights. Buying a treadmill means you have to make room for the treadmill.

Of course, make sure you have the right safety gear for the workout items you do choose to purchase. Don’t buy a bicycle unless you plan to buy a helmet and other safety gear.

Make the time to exercise. Get the gear you need to do the basics, then invest as you need more. Set up your day so you can exercise early and get on your day.

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