5 Easy Ways to Make the Moving Process Easier on Your Pets

5 Easy Ways to Make the Moving Process Easier on Your Pets

Packing up all of your belongings and moving to another house is a lengthy and arduous process. There is a very good chance that moving will be one of the most stressful things you do in life. Unfortunately, the entire process is even more stressful for your pets. While you understand what is going on, the same cannot be said for your pets. They have absolutely no idea why their entire world is suddenly changing, so it is important to take special care of your animals during this tough time. These are the five easiest ways to make the moving process easier on your pets.

Pack Over Long Period of Time

It is important that your pet thinks that everything is normal as you prepare for the move. They will start to get stressed and worried if they detect something is not normal. A great way to keep them calm is by slowly packing items around the house. Pets are great at spotting huge changes in their surroundings, but they will not realize if a few things go missing every day. It is also important to make sure your behavior around the animals does not change too much before moving.

Save Dog Supplies for Last

While you gradually take your time packing up the house, it is vitally important that you do not pack anything belonging to your pet early. They may not be able to spot if a few books are missing in the house, but they certainly will know if their bed or favorite toy is gone. Everything your pet uses on a regular basis should be saved until you are almost ready to leave with the moving truck. This is the only way to keep your pet from freaking out.

Keep Safe on Moving Day

It is impossible to load a moving truck without causing a lot of chaos. Boxes and furniture are constantly leaving out the door. This can be a very dangerous environment for a pet, so it is important to find them a safe space during moving day. Taking them to spend the day at a friend’s house or an animal day care are the two best options. This will keep them away from the loud and confusing commotion in the house when the truck is getting packed. Try to visit your pet at least once or twice during the day to calm their nerves.

Ride with Them to New Home

Once everything is loaded on the truck, it is time to go to the new house. It is extremely important that you drive your pet to the new home in your personal vehicle. This will give them a sense of familiarity during a stressful time. If your pet is not used to riding in a car, then you may want to take them on a few short trips in the weeks leading up to the move. You do not want them getting in the car for the first time on moving day.

No Roaming New Neighborhood

You may let your pet roam outside alone at your current home, but you cannot let them do it shortly after moving. It is far too easy for pets to get confused and lost when in new surroundings. Once you are settled into the new home, you need to take your pet on a walk around the neighborhood. This will help them get acclimated to the area. Once you have made several walks around the neighborhood, they should know exactly how to get home. Make sure to update their identification tags before letting them go outside alone.

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