5 Benefits of Using Hurricane Proof Windows in a Coastal Home

5 Benefits of Using Hurricane Proof Windows in a Coastal Home

Hurricane season can be stressful, especially if you are not well prepared. It is critical to have some measures in place to minimize potential damage from hurricanes. Hurricane proof windows are ideal for homeowners living in a coastal region. They protect your home against the massive destruction resulting from harsh weather. At a glance, hurricane proof windows resemble regular windows; however, they are built tougher than regular windows. Hurricane proof windows are constructed using aluminium or vinyl to withstand harsh conditions and make them durable and long-lasting.

Below are the benefits of using hurricane proof windows in your home.


A coastal environment is likely to experience tropical storms, hurricane-force winds, and flooding; therefore, homeowners need to prepare for these disasters. Hurricane proof windows are made of impact-resistant materials designed to protect against flying debris, heavy rainfall, and strong winds.

During a storm, broken windows allow wind, rain, and debris in your house. The wind creates an increase in pressure and seeks its way out, resulting in severe structural damage. The best thing about hurricane proof windows is that they are a worthy investment. They only require a one-time installation. After a hurricane strikes, there is no need to install new windows because their efficiency is not affected. They are still as protective as they were before the storm. 

Besides that, hurricane proof windows are hard to crack, making it difficult for burglars to get into your home. When struck hard enough, they do not shatter but only leave spider-web cracks. Hurricane proof windows contain several layers of glass separated by vinyl. The vinyl inner layer holds the glass together and makes it impact resistant, providing unmatched quality protection.


Hurricane proof windows are a great investment. They are not only shields to withstand powerful winds but are also excellent in noise reduction. Hurricane proof windows are made of several layers of glass, strong framing materials, and sealants. The multi-layered thickness breaks sound waves and blocks out noise. When you live near a busy highway or street, you find yourself battling a lot of outdoor noise. The noise reduction feature of hurricane proof windows creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home.


Hurricane proof windows are more expensive than your regular window; however, the purpose they serve in your home exceeds the incurred cost. Hurricane proof windows prevent extensive damage in your home, thus lowering the cost of future repairs. Aside from that, their impact-resistant layers make them good insulators, and their heavy-duty nature prevents air from escaping, thus reducing energy cost incurred by your HVAC system. 

Insurance premium discounts

Installing hurricane proof windows is a smart investment. Many insurance providers offer premium discounts and budget-friendly repairs for homes installed with impact-resistant windows. It is a great catch for homeowners living in hurricane prone regions. To get the discounted rates, homeowners are required to install hurricane proof windows and protect all other openings such as glass blocks, skylights, and doors.

Maximum UV protection

UV protection in your home is crucial. Installing hurricane proof windows provides 100% protection against Ultraviolet rays. They block the penetration of ultraviolet rays into your home without reducing visible light. Ultraviolet rays cause damage to your interior assets such as electronics, furniture, artwork, hardwood floors, and paint. Interior assets in the range of your windows are likely to fade on exposure to Ultraviolet rays. Aside from that, they are known to cause skin infections and skin cancer. This explains the reason it is crucial to take protective measures. Installing hurricane proof windows reduces heat transfer and protects your assets. 

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