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How to Choose the Right Handgun for You

Choosing the right handgun for you can be a very confusing process, especially if you are new to gun ownership. There are many firearm options, and going through them can be a little overwhelming for anyone, even the experienced shooters.


Selecting the right handgun should be a personal decision – your decision. Do not go asking your “gun-guy” friends or relatives or the guy behind the counter at the gun store.


Albeit your friends might have good intentions, they will be giving you what works for them and not you, while the guy at the counter is almost always going to try to sell you that which will make them the most money. What you need when selecting the right handgun is an excellent approach to the process.


Adding a little bit of strategy will better the choice you make while selecting your handgun. Not only will you be happy with your choice, but also you will not experience buyer’s remorse.


Here are some tips to guide you through the process of selecting the right handgun for you.


Consider the purpose for purchasing your handgun.


You probably know why you want to purchase a handgun; otherwise, you would not be buying one in the first place. But to ensure that you are picking the right handgun for you, consider the purpose of the purchase. Will it be for sport, self-defense, or target shooting? Where do you intend to keep your gun? Will it be on your person, at home in a safe, or in your car? The type of handgun you purchase should match the purpose of purchase.


Think about the caliber and size.


Guns come in different calibers. The caliber is usually the size of the bullet that your handgun uses, which also relates to its destructive power to the intended target. So now that you know the purpose of purchasing your gun, you will need to match it with the caliber and size. If you are purchasing a handgun for sport or fun, then consider purchasing low caliber handguns (.22, .32, or .380). These handguns are not the largest in size and are easy to handle and comfortable to shoot. However, if you are shopping for a more serious purpose like self-defense, consider purchasing a larger caliber handgun (9mm, .40, or .45). These are perfect for self- and home-defense and can be stored safely in your home safe.


Have a budget.


Similar to doing your home or personal shopping, while shopping for handguns, you will need a budget. After considering the purpose, caliber, and size of your handgun, budget appropriately for it. Additionally, do not forget to budget for the ammunition and safe storage of your new handgun.


Consider your level of experience.


If you have never shot a gun before, then it is imperative that you consider this when purchasing your first handgun. This gun is the one you will use to learn how to shoot and so it needs to be simple and reasonably comfortable to use. Handguns come in three sizes; full-frame, compact, and sub-compact. It is recommended that you go for a full-frame model as your first gun since the smaller compact and sub-compact models are not meant for beginners. They can be suitable for concealment, but beginners will find them harder to control.


Make your own decision.


As aforementioned, do not let your relatives, friends, or the guy at the gun shop select your handgun. This has to be your decision. It is essential that you select your own handgun since it will be comfortable and easy for you to handle. This will allow you to correctly and smoothly operate all mechanisms. If you follow the advice of others, the handgun you select will not feel comfortable in your hands, and you will not be motivated to practice using it. In other words, this will not be the right handgun for you.

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