How To Carry A Firearm Without Breaking The Law

It’s been stated time and time again by government officials that citizens of the United States can own firearms, given that they have the necessary qualifications. These firearms should only be used for the purpose of self-defense, which is why there’s rarely ever a need to use them outside of one’s residence. They’re mostly kept inside a house in a locked container in case of an intruder. But what if you need to carry the firearm outside? Will you be breaking the law?  

The good news is that the answer largely depends on different factors. But, ultimately, unless you’re in a state that completely prohibits firearms, it should be possible to carry a gun without breaking any law. With that said, how can you distinguish if it’s legal or not?  

Each State Has Different Gun Laws  

Before anything else, it’s essential to understand that each state in the United States and even other countries have different gun laws. Some are strict, while others are lenient. You should also understand that gun laws aren’t as clear-cut as they may seem. Just because you have a permit doesn’t make you eligible to do anything you want with the gun.  

Also, the gun law differs according to what type of firearm you have and carry. Here’s a list of the possible types:  

  • Shotgun  
  • Handgun  
  • Long-gun  
  • Fully-automatic gun  
  • Semi-automatic gun  

How To Legally Carry A Firearm 

Furthermore, owning a firearm is different from carrying a gun outside of your residence. Take Australia, for example. They allow citizens to purchase and keep firearms, but they don’t let these individuals carry these weapons outside. Of course, there are also states where you can carry a firearm without breaking the law, but a permit will be required.  

Nevertheless, the answer to your question would largely depend on where you live, although there are tips that would apply regardless of where you are and what type of firearm you intend to carry: 

  1. Obtain The Necessary Permit  

Before you can actually get the firearm, you must make sure you obtain the necessary permit. Remember that the license to own or possess a gun is different from the permit to carry your firearms. So, even if you already have a license, you must inquire on your city hall for a permit to carry a firearm. This would be the best first step towards your goal.  

  1. Get The Firearms From A Certified Supplier  

No matter which state you live in, you must make sure that you only get your firearms from a certified supplier. This is because even with all the necessary qualifications, if you source the guns from an uncertified supplier, you’re most likely getting a charge. This rule also applies to individuals who intend to install aftermarket accessories into their firearms.  

If you want to get products from a certified aftermarket accessory, KM Arms USA might be an excellent place to start.  

  1. Always Carry Your Permit  

Suppose you already have a license for possessing the firearm and a permit to carry it. Then, you should be able to go outside of your residence with a firearm.  

Take note, however, that whenever you pass through a checkpoint or if an officer sees your firearm, they’re most likely going to ask for a permit. That’s precisely why another way to avoid breaking the law is to always carry your permit with you. It’s also advisable to bring along any type of identification for yourself and your firearm, just for extra measure.  

  1. Research The Type Of Carry Allowed On Your State  

There are two ways to carry your firearms: concealed carry and open carry. As the name suggests, concealed carry is when you carry your gun while keeping it in a container (holsters, belts, cases) where people can’t see. Open carry, on the other hand, is when you carry your firearm without any effort of concealing it, hence the name.  

This information is important because some states and countries allow concealed carry but prohibit open carry. Italy, for example, allows concealed carry but not open carry.  

Of course, some countries don’t require any permit to begin with, which would be the ideal scenario in your case, but that’s quite unlikely. On that note, since you’re most likely in a state where open carry is illegal, make sure you purchase a holster or belt to conceal your gun.  


Although it’s been made clear that people of the United States can own firearms, not much is known about the laws concerning carrying firearms. That’s most likely why you’re asking such a question, to begin with.  

This guide should clear up some misunderstandings regarding gun laws. It should also help you avoid any charges that may result from carrying a firearm illegally. 

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