How the Court System Has Changed Due to Covid-19

How the Court System Has Changed Due to Covid-19

We all know that the covid 19 pandemic has changed so much in our lives. Things aren’t like they used to be, for better and for worse. We are having to adapt, and adjust to this pandemic, because unfortunately for us, covid 19 isn’t going anywhere. It appears to be here for the long haul. As with everything else, covid 19 has affected the court system as well. The court system in the U.S. has changed since the pandemic hit. Diego Ruiz Duran even agrees that it has. Let’s discuss some ways that the court system has changed in response to the pandemic.

There are 5 common efforts that state courts are taking in response to the pandemic:

  • Ending, or restricting, trials with a jury.
  • Requiring teleconferences, or video conferences, in place of some hearings.
  • Restricting access to the entrance of the courthouses.
  • Suspending most, if not all, in person proceedings.
  • Granting extensions for fine payments, and court deadlines.

As you can see, this is completely different in how courts are usually run, prior to the pandemic. Normally you would have to come to court, and make all of your payments on time. Things are having to adjust, and adapt in order to still run, thanks to this pandemic that is going on. It’s changing everything.

Some cases do still require jury trials, and have to have in person hearings. These are for the felony charges that would otherwise be considered inappropriate if you didn’t do it this way. They take all of the precautions for these proceedings though. You have to wear a mask. Social distancing is required as well. Everything gets thoroughly cleaned before and after use. It’s preferable for you to be vaccinated as well, but at least following these safety measures help in keeping everyone safe. The capacity allowed for these hearings are also limited. Not as many people as normal are allowed to attend.

These are trying times that we are living in, and as with everything else, the court system is having to adapt to this pandemic too. It might have backlogs, and take a little longer than normal now, but they are doing the absolute best that they can in this pandemic to do their jobs, and get it all done. They are doing well at adjusting with the new ways that we are having to live. Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere, so these might become permanent ways that they happen.
Diego Ruiz Duran thinks the court system has changed because of Covid-19, and this pandemic, and he would be absolutely correct. However, they are taking all of the safety measures possible, so that they can do their jobs, while keeping everyone safe. That’s what they’re supposed to do. I, for one, am glad that they were able to figure out how to adapt to make it possible to do their jobs, and stay safe. This pandemic is real, and only getting worse.

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