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A Guide to a Successful Marketing Career


A marketing career often entails building and promoting awareness for the company in which one is working for. This may happen in terms of either writing or even public relation activities. There are quite a number of ways through which a company can market the services and products that it is offering. The success of a company mostly depends on how well its products are marketed. Because of this therefore, any company needs to have a team that is well cut out for the job. The marketing team often requires people that are creative enough and well equipped. If one is hoping to develop their career in marketing therefore, they need to have that which it takes to be successful. By doing so, they will be helping whatever company they work for, to steer towards the right direction. The guide below gives tips on how one is able to achieve the latter.

Tips for a successful marketing career

The tips discussed in depth below include some specific aspects that can be used to help in improving marketing careers. Helen Lee Schifter is actually of the idea that when these tips are followed carefully, then one’s marketing career is able to take off and become very successful.

1.Effective Communication

Marketing often entails lots of communication, be it through voice search, social media, or even the use of the marketing channels that are automated. The bottom of it all is that there is often lots of communication that is often required in a bid to reach out to the audiences through different channels. It is therefore very important to have a master of the different communication tools if one is a new marketer, in order to be very efficient. Also, the marketer has to keep up with the growing trends and technology, in order to know the right kind of communication channel that will end up reaching out to a wider population.

2.Socialization and Specialization

There is a great and significant growth in the marketing jobs that are often being offered nowadays. But it is also very important to remember that with the growth in the marketing industry, also comes competition. Because of this, it is very important for one to be specialized in a given area of marketing, in order to have an upper hand. Some of the areas where one can get specialized in include content strategy, digital advertising and even content creation. It is also important to be socialized well in the specific area of interest that one has chosen, in order to grow in the marketing career.

3.Portfolio Growth

In the marketing world, one is able to grow their skills only when they make the informed decision to work on them. It is thus important for a marketer to grab on opportunities that will go a long way in helping them sharpen their skills more and more. Getting the necessary experience will go a long way in ensuring that one’s portfolio is growing, and in the process help to open even more and better opportunities. Helen Lee Schifter insists that by doing so, one will be able to find it exciting to be in the marketing career.

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