How should a Christian view fashion

The very first item of clothing was confectioned after the sins of Adam and Eve as a way to resolve the fear and shame they felt from being exposed. Today, clothes serve the same purpose with the added benefit of protecting us from weather ailments however, for decades now clothes and fashion in general have also served as a way to identify.

As you may have been able to observe, dress codes serve as a way for us to identify and categories our surroundings. Whether it’s individuals who hold authority (police, fire fighters, EMTs etc), danger or our respective peers or ingroup, dress codes are present within all layers of society. Nowadays, fashion can also serve as a way for Christians to spot each other out, Christian clothing such as Christian hoodies, T-shirt, joggers and more have often been used as a means to spread the Gospel, effectively making the Bible better known to non-Christians.

What does the Bible say about fashion?

An answer to everything, the Bible does discuss the various ways to dress. From jewelry, to what style of clothing to adopt, all questions are addressed (and answered). With our appearance being an exterior representation of us it’s important it matches our values within otherwise, we run the risk of being misread by the rest of the world. Our faith and values should therefore be translated through our apparel.

You’re a Temple to the Holy Spirit

In an ideal world, everyone would be dressed in appropriately for the circumstance at hand. Our bodies are living testimonies and, as Christians, we must reflect Christ in our everyday behavior. Thus, your clothing must fall in line with Christ’s values and beliefs.

Peter 3 3-4 clearly elaborates and emphasizes the notion that true beauty comes from within. This beauty will have the capacity to shine through your vessel spellbinding the world around you.

Some people can interpret certain sections of the Bible such as Timothy 2:9 as a prohibition against following fashion in general or, all sorts of jewelry. It should instead more so be seen as an emphasis on the need to wear “appropriately fitting” clothes given the context. Modesty, decency and respectability are the protocols to follow.

So, Does a Christian have to Follow Fashion

In short, no. A Christian can dress as his or her heart’s desire as long as it’s in alignment with their values that is –doesn’t go against the will of God. As is highlighted in the passage in Romans 12:2, just because you don’t conform to the present world does not mean you have to disregard everything about your surrounding.


It’s important we care for ourselves however we should take care not to become the object of worship but rather, align ourself, including our appearance to the Word of God.

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