Casio Standard Analogue Watches – The Best Solutions for a Minimum Price

Many of us are not ready to spend very much money on a wristwatch. In order to satisfy the desire of such people, the Casio Standard Analogue collection was created. Here, you can find a wide range of the best casio watches for men and women classic models with incredibly low cost. But most importantly – it is the fact that the quality has remained at a very high level. So how did the producers manage to do it?

As you’ve probably already realized from the name, all models with analog time display, that is, the hands, to put it simply. They are as simple as possible, there are no frills. The only additional functions are the date window. You will not find here chronographs, tachymeters and other features that significantly increase the cost of the final product

Slightly spared on the materials used to make the Casio Standard Analogue line. The cases are mainly made of brass and have a special protective coating. But the bracelets are made of stainless steel, the same as in the more expensive series. The straps are leather, but the leather grade feels a bit lower than in the more expensive walkers. The level of water resistance ranges from 30 to 50 meters, it is better not to bathe in bodies of water or take a shower, this may negatively affect your favorite accessory.

The function of backlighting is performed by a thin layer of nebrite coating, which allows the arrows and marks to shine at a later time of day. More, please please life – many customers online store note that their watch Casio Standard Analogue serve them for many years, and there are no failures. Only after 2-3 years of use it is necessary to change the battery, but otherwise, there are no extra problems. Men’s and women’s accessories inexpensive analogue series will be your loyal and reliable companion for many years. We remind you that if you decide to buy them from us you will get the best and most comfortable conditions. Our couriers will bring you several variants to choose from and try them on in person.

Model quartz digital watch Casio Standart Digital (Casio Illuminator), produced by the Japanese company in 1989 became part of a series of electronic watches and is still in production and this series is very popular. The watch is recognized for its reliability, unpretentiousness and simplicity.

Casio Illuminator is a special backlighting of the digital display and clock face. A proprietary development of Casio engineers. It is used in quartz electronic and combined models. In Japan, it has another name of its own – Fox Fire.

This feature allows you to read information from the dial in the dark. Some sources say that Casio Illuminator is one of Casio’s vintage collections. But that’s not entirely true. Illuminator models are available in the Baby-G, Edifice, G-Shock and ProTrek collections. They fall into different price categories and can be equipped with special features. Illuminators were first used in Casio models in 1992.

Casio Illuminator technology has been in use since 1995. Watches with this type of backlighting became extremely popular in the second half of the 1990s, and it was a real breakthrough for its time. It had to do with the uniformity of the backlighting of the display. Up until now, LEDs were used to illuminate the corners and the light was not as uniform.

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