How Pandemic Lockdowns Led To A Number Of Marriages Ending

The pandemic changed life as so many people know it. The adjustments that people had to make combined with social distancing restrictions led to tensions rising in a number of homes. Marriages ended that seemed stable before the pandemic started. Spending so much time with one another made people see how far they had grown apart. Others just found spending more time with their spouse as a chore which is a sign that a marriage is on the decline. Many took advantage of online consultations or headed to a physical divorce lawyer consultation. You should enjoy spending time with your spouse but spending every waking hour together can lead to fights in stable marriages. Below are the ways that lockdowns led to a number of marriages ending in divorce. 

Financial Problems

There were so many people that lost their jobs and livelihoods during the pandemic. The service industry was crippled with a number of establishments closing permanently. Financial stress is something that is cited in divorce proceedings in a large number of cases. Hiding the way money was being spent could no longer be done with both parties at home nearly all day. Couples that kept both of their jobs were lucky as the pandemic could have offered them a lifestyle they enjoyed. 

Time Apart Is So Important

Time apart from your spouse with friends is something that is so important. You need to recharge from everything including your marriage by spending quality time with your friends. Even heading to work can be seen as a break as you don’t have to spend every minute with someone to prove you love them. Finding time to spend apart can be used to do anything even if it is relaxing and heading to bed early. 

Hobbies Help People Rejuvenate Mentally

Hobbies are so important as there are a limited number of hours outside of work where you can enjoy yourself. Mentally rejuvenating is going to be far less difficult when doing something you enjoy. This could be something like exercising or swimming. Some people love staying active when they have a bit of time off as it helps them clear their mind. Traveling can be another way that you can rejuvenate yourself mentally. 

Substance Abuse Rates Skyrocketed

Boredom took over for a number of people which led to substance abuse. The tough aspect of lockdowns is that people living alone were in extreme isolation. The most interaction many had was talking on the phone or during virtual meetings during remote work. The amount of alcohol that was being consumed led to a shortage of aluminum cans. Alcohol combined with being locked in the home for a majority of the time led to massive fights. Domestic violence calls went up immensely and divorce rates seemed to rise. Adding alcohol to a marriage that already has a substantial amount of tension is a recipe for disaster. 

The pandemic tested families and couples in so many ways as it was a situation that nobody had been in before. Working on a marriage regularly can help it stay as healthy as possible.

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