House Distributes KN95 Masks Stamped ‘MADE IN CHINA’ in Surreal Moment – Opinion

The Democrats are not perfect. The worst of all is perhaps the inability to take responsibility for the causes of the pandemic, and to hold China responsible.

But at least you would think they wouldn’t advertise how completely in the pocket of China they are with their actions.

According to Fox, the House of Representatives were given KN95 masks to wear on the House floor that have stamped “MADE IN CHINA” on them. Now, the House requires that N95 or KN95 be worn on the House’s floor. KN95 Masks are mainly made in China. However, there are some masks made in the U.S.

Why would the House allow Chinese advertising to take place?

Despite the questionable efficacy of some KN95 masks and the lack of transparency about the masks’ effectiveness, the House members seem to have a good experience with KN95 masks.

This move was not well received by many lawmakers.

House GOP Doctors Caucus chairman Brad Wenstrup of Ohio told Fox News Thursday that the U.S.’s “insecure supply chain presents a much greater risk to our overall national health.”

“The fact that the masks we are mandated to wear in the U.S. Congress are made in China is just one example of our inabilities to protect and treat Americans without relying on adversaries,” Wenstrup continued. “These Chinese masks further highlight our need to divest away from the [Chinese Communist Party]. Our national security and our health depend on it.”

“As usual, Speaker Pelosi fails to recognize the senseless optics of her own decision-making,” Rep. Greg Murphy, R-N.C., said Thursday. “We are fighting a virus that came from China, yet the Speaker is comfortable with publicly supporting a Chinese manufacturer, sending our taxpayer dollars overseas and further advertising our dependency on China … on the faces of Congress.

“Either Pelosi’s office neglected to realize the cruel irony of supporting ‘Made in China’ or they don’t care.”

The Democrats don’t care much about optics — after all, they have Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. But it’s ridiculous at this point, two years in, that we still haven’t unhooked our supply chain from China as much as we can. Not only aren’t we holding them accountable, but we’re also making them rich into the bargain by buying a ton of PPE from them like this. And it’s not just the supply chain but every industry — we have to do all we can to divest from China’s influence.

Pelosi’s office had no explanation for the mask move when asked. No. It is not something they feel they are responsible for.

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