Hispanic Voters See Red Wave in November, Call out Dems for Giving Handouts to Appease Minorities – Opinion

Hispanic voters are fed up with Democratic politicians’ far-left policies and political parties. Many even suggested that these policies are reminiscent of their time in Communist Cuba.

As President Joe Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics continues to drop, three Hispanic Americans spoke to Fox News about minority voters, specifically Hispanic voters, moving away from the Democratic Party.

Fox News interviewed Chris Formoso, who is a Cuban first-generation citizen.

“The Democrats really lost working-class people … These people have absolutely lost their minds. There is no way we could vote for them, especially when Republicans have been more focused on the issues that matter.”

Hector Olmo (a Puerto Rican retired cop, who now lives in New Jersey), said Democrats resort to rhetoric and handouts when trying to please minorities. Olmo said that while Democrats try to appease minorities they prevent them from real success. Olmo continued:

“We moved here to be independent and to be our own thinkers and be as successful as we want … With socialism, where everybody’s on an equal table–it’s a nice idea, but it doesn’t work.”

“Something that my dad always told me was that Democrats will assist their constituents and help the needy and help the lower class but will never provide them enough to be more successful than them.”

“When you hit somebody’s pocketbook, their freedoms, and their stuff, they’re going to pause and say, ‘hey, what’s going on here?’”

Olmo also spoke out about rising crime rates and skyrocketing inflation, as well as record-high gasoline prices.

Maria Lorenzo from Cuba, an immigrant to America more than 50-years ago, stated that Democratic Party supporters are losing their support with Hispanics because they ignore its failures and embrace socialism. Lorenzo added:

“I can’t talk about all the Hispanics, but most of the ones I know, they are fed up with the Democratic Party … people here have a lot of misconceptions. They studied communism in school, but I lived it.”

Lorenzo said that it was an imposing statement.

My family left the Soviet Union in 1989. Lorenzo’s statement is accurate. A lot of young leftists in America nowadays don’t have a clue what horror the Soviet Union days were, the horrors of Communism, and murderous dictators such as Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, and Fidel Castro. Leaders and professors must educate the younger generation about the dangers associated with socialism and communism.

Lorenzo continued:

“Most of the Hispanics, especially the ones that came from Cuba and Venezuela, they came running from communism. And they see that this country, the Democratic Party, is leaning towards that- toward socialism, towards division.”

Fox News reported that Lorenzo said her parents instilled in her a strong work ethic. Lorenzo stated that her father was against accepting any government assistance in pursuit of the American Dream.

RedState earlier reported that the RNC is using new strategies to win more Hispanic votes.

Although the November midterms may be an opportunity for Democratic politicians to wake up, it could also be too late as many Hispanics are now voting Independently or Republican.

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