Here’s What the Left Is Really Mad About With Elon Musk’s Offer to Buy Twitter – Opinion

You’ve likely heard by now that Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk made good on his word and has made an offer to buy Twitter whole-hog. The goal, as he’s been saying openly, is to take the largest conversation site on the web and take it from the dictatorial grasp of the radical leftists who silence everyone to the right of Marx at every turn and return it to a platform that values free speech.

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This has led to leftists losing their minds and, even though I am writing this, it has been nothing but glorious. If it’s not pure unadulterated panic, it’s people coming to the very odd conclusion that freedom of speech is somehow dangerous to…freedom.

Yeah, it’s that level of asininity.

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However, if we zoom out and examine the arguments, we can get a good sense of both sides’ goals. And when you lay out each goal, it becomes clear where ideologies are.

For those supporting Musk’s buyout of Twitter, they want something very simple; the ability to say what they want without fear of being suspended or banned. They want to be able to have conversations and make points without having to obey the guidelines laid down by their political/ideological opposites.

This means that there is a greater willingness to have honest conversations and less need for ideological oversight.

What those who are against the buy are saying is that they would rather not allow people to say what they want, how they want, when they want, because some people will utilize that to spread “misinformation” that threatens our “Democracy.”

At least, that’s their excuse. What they actually seem to be afraid of isn’t the spread of “misinformation,” it’s the fact that very soon they’ll lose their handicap on this course and will have to have their ideas and declarations weighed and measured in an environment where it won’t be protected.

They’re being made equal and they don’t like it.

Many of the arguments made by the left cannot exist in a vacuum. The point that they are making quickly becomes irrelevant if you add outside views. For years, Twitter has been complicit in keeping certain arguments from making their way into the mainstream and given Twitter’s status as the de facto town square (as Elon Musk called it) that has polluted the national conversation on many a topic.

Everything from the COVID-19 virus to transgenderism has had Twitter’s “Trust and Safety” police busy. Every day, bans and suspensions are part of the daily life on the left. You can even be punished for making jokes. The Babylon Bee can answer your questions. They are still without access to their account.

Looking back to the time of GamerGate around 2014/2015, you’ll notice there are far fewer right-leaning individuals than there were then. It has severely reduced our voice on the platform. Others who are still around have seen their reach reduced to the point that they no longer exist. I have over 40k followers on Twitter and yet you’d think I had 200 by the amount of reach my tweets get.

What happens to the national conversation if everyone banned or suspended is allowed to return to the platform and share truths that were kept secret by the left? The largest platform for conversation is not guided by a narrative.

Inevitably, the national conversation will shift away from the left.

And that’s what they’re really angry about. The national conversation is no longer theirs. Their dictatorial power will be lost and their ability to convince you of whatever ridiculous talking point they’ve cooked up will be severely lessened. While the people will gain more power, they’ll lose even more.

It is obvious that people are upset at the fact that people have gained power. These people aren’t to be trusted.

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