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Ron DeSantis’ popularity is growing despite the constant bleating of the press and opposition.

It was expected that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would lose his policy. But it turned out to be quite the opposite. The demonizing of a bill, the slandering of the state, and the attacks on the governor’s character have not had the impact the members of the press anticipated. We can see that it has had no impact on the leadership. However, statistically we now consider it a victory in politics. Democrats and media are also further behind because of their actions.

A Florida resident, I have seen the media’s coverage of Governor Rick Scott and Florida in a variety of ways over the last few years. It was amazing to then see how the truth has changed on different issues. Not only is it a common occurrence that an otherwise damaging report on Governor becomes incorrect but also as the media attempts to make him more vulnerable, his bulletproof status increases.

Parental Rights In Education Bill has been the biggest story of the last few months. This media-led effort is perhaps the most shameful. Once this legislation was wrongfully dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill,’ the press collectively joined forces to completely mischaracterize the language and intent. This was an act of blatant coordination, with both national and local news media outlets using the same wildly incorrect label simultaneously.

It has failed spectacularly. All this narrative collusion failed to halt the bill’s passage and did nothing to dissuade DeSantis from signing it into law this week. But now we also see the months of effort opposing the bill and DeSantis has resulted in a windfall – for the Republicans in Florida. 

Since years the state party has encouraged voter registration. The GOP won last November. And in his speechAt the CPAC ConventionDeSantis also mentioned the rise in GOP registered voters. Now, this week came the announcement that for the first time – in state history – the Republicans have more than 100,000 additional votersThe Democrats.

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When you look at the facts more closely, this reality is even more stark. Florida has experienced an increase in immigration over the years. Daily averages show between 900-1000 people moving to Florida each day. But this is more than just the GOP becoming popular. Since 2020, the Democrats have been gaining support. Peril voters; From that year onwards Democrats have lost nearly 300,000. Both the Governor of Florida and his party have enjoyed success with their anti-DeSantis stories.

Even though they lost, the media has not stopped trying to stop this law from being implemented in whatever way it can. CNN covered the DeSantis signingThe law gave the impression that this governor was opposed by the whole country. Tina Burnside and Devan Cole, reporters, detail in their reporting how the law was challenged by LGBTQ+ activists, Florida Democrats and President Biden. The law seems to have been rejected by everyone! 

Other than for voters. Polls at the national levelStatewide surveys also showed that most people support the legislation. This shock shocked many people in the media. Even Democrat voters are in favor of the law. You can also do it in another way. Submitted by DemocratsDeSantis has a strong support in Miami/Dade County where he is highly favored to win reelection.

Time Magazine also was blind to the fact that the law was being passed. On cue, the outlet had to diligently report on every voice of opposition as though they were the dominant opinion. However, it then resort to reactive reporting. The outlet complained that it would allow parents to file a complaint with the courts should they feel there is a problem. Time published the story about two parents with school-aged children, who took the government to court.

This is how the news media has treated us on a consistent basis. Avoid the facts, go with ad hoc attacks, insist that DeSantis is running amok, and declare that Florida is turning into a social hellscape – all while new residents flood in, as they approve of the actions being taken. A better campaign could have been created by the Florida GOP.

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