Here Are Some of the Big Name Witnesses to Be Called in the Sussmann Trial – Opinion

The trial against Michael Sussmann will start next week, unless there is an intervening event such as a plea. There is still time before the public can see a lot of information. The Clinton team will get an announcement from John Durham, Special Counsel.

As we previously noted, while Judge Christopher Cooper wouldn’t make a ruling on whether there was a joint venture involving members of the Clinton campaign, Sussmann, and others, and limited some of the evidence that Durham might be able to present, there was still a lot that he will be able to put forth in laying out his case.

The Washington Times lists the names of those who will be called, and there are some notable names on the bill.

Robby Mook, who managed Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Clinton campaign attorney Marc Elias and FBI counterintelligence leader Bill Priestap and former top FBI lawyer James Baker are among those called as government witnesses, said prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis.

The prosecution, spearheaded by special counsel John Durham‘s probe of the FBI’s Trump-Russia collusion investigation, also will put on the stand Laura Seago, a top tech official at political research firm Fusion GPS; Deborah Fine, a Clinton campaign lawyer; and a CIA official identified only as “Kevin B.”

A number of FBI personnel are expected to testify on behalf of the government. The government alleges that Sussmann told FBI officials false information about Clinton campaign ties, in which he was promoting the fake story about Trump and Russia.

The defense attorneys revealed their high-powered witness lists. This includes Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz and Eric Lichtblau, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter.

Get the popcorn ready, Marc Elias and Robby Mook are the people I’d like to talk to. I can almost hear the squirming already and the problem is that if they don’t tell the truth, they’re going to buy themselves even more trouble. But I’m also curious about why he’s going to call Deborah Fine, as well as the Fusion GPS employee. There’s a reason that Durham is calling them, they may be more willing to flip on some of what went down. Fine, who was Deputy General counsel for Special Projects and Research for Clinton’s campaign, found a fascinating job. She was just promoted to Acting General Counsel for the Open Society Foundation, George Soros’ foundation. Durham seems to believe that Laura Seago is now immune to prosecution.

It is also interesting to see Michael Horowitz’ defense. But one of the names who won’t be testifying according to the Durham team, at least as of this point, is Christopher Steele.

But, I must say that the Clinton-land folks are beginning to sweat.

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