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Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United States today. Some might say that his age today reflects his intelligence. number. These people don’t have the facts and they probably didn’t see his 40+ year Washington career to realize it was always in this area.

Figure it out.

However, it is the 46th POTUS’ 79th, and CBS NewsIt was the post about vanilla ice-cream.

Joe Biden, who was inaugurated this year earlier in the year, became the White House’s oldest occupant. Now, he’s the first president ever to turn 79 years of age while in office.

Born on November 20, 1942, Mr. Biden’s birthday is Saturday.

He had his routine physical the day prior to his birthday. So he arrived at his birthday weekend having completed a colonoscopy as well as his routine physical. White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor wrote in a memo that Mr. Biden “remains a healthy, vigorous 78-year-old male who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”

With the physical analysis aside from Dr. O’Connor, it might be a good time for Uncle Joe to take a moment and think about calling it a day as President. I know this might seem a bit cruel, being it is a day to celebrate the birth of the kid from Scranton, but let’s think about the country for once.

Like my colleague Joe CunninghamThis is what I wrote yesterdayJoe Biden Is Really Making HistoryJoe, Joe’s making history for the wrong reasons.

It is almost one year since Joe Biden assumed office. He was inaugurated one year ago. One year ago he assumed control of one of history’s most devastating economic crises. He has been in charge of the most severe pandemic ever recorded for one year. One year has passed since the youngest president and first black and female vice president were elected to office.

America was promised normalcy. We were ending the era of hateful tweets and all divisions. We would all return to our normal lives.

Now, fast forward one year and we see something that is not normal. The Democrats have increased division to the point that even their own party can’t agree on major policies. Trump’s mean tweets have disappeared, but Trump’s sniping is still cheap and divisive. The process is closed to Republicans in many respects, but if progressives on the fringes wanted their way, Republicans wouldn’t have a place at the table, even for bills like the bipartisan Infrastructure bill.

But it’s not just the Republicans they don’t want to work with. Parents have been labeled terrorists by the administration if they question public education. They have labeled those who defeated them in Virginia “racists” and have delegitimized whatever grievances voters had.

Cunningham just touched on the top head-scratchers that the White House’s most experienced member has accomplished in less than one year.

It was clear that Joe Biden is not at his best, as evidenced by the fact that Joe Biden’s campaign revealed. This has been evident even in the Presidency. Biden needs to be loved and protected in ways that no other presidents in modern history have had to. This is evident in Jen Psaki’s and her communications staff’s constant cleanup of Biden’s words after he has spoken.

Compar this to his predecessor. He loved mixing it with the media and allowed his staff to get involved. Donald Trump could hold an entire press conference while walking to Marine One. If Joe Biden tried to do anything close to that, Psaki would have to scream “Fire!” and have Secret Service evacuate Biden to the safety of being far enough away from reporters.

We are heading to uncertain times in this country and need competent leadership. Now I’m not endorsing Kamala Harris as that competent option necessarily, but she can string a sentence together with an annoying cackle. At least, the Republican majorities next year will have the ability to speak with the chief executive and not need to discuss ice cream.

Joe Biden was able to fulfill his childhood dream of being President. He should think about retiring and doing what is right for the country. You can go home, President. Keep your dignity. Make sure you have the most coolest ice-cream shop in the library.

This would be the best reason to go.

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