Hack John Oliver: Comedy No Longer in ‘Absolute Despair’ Under Biden

According to far-left “comedian” John Oliver, comedy in the Joe Biden era is “much more fun” because late night hosts aren’t performing under the “absolute despair” of the Trump years. This HBO host was featured on CBS’s Late ShowTuesday Night Promotional Event: To promote the new seasonLast Week Tonight.  

Oliver gushed about the impact of the apparently wonderful Biden administration: “It’s much more fun to do.” He contrasted, “Comedy written from despair is not fun. And for us… our show was getting sucked into dealing with the fire hose of what was coming out of that administration all the time.” 



How HAS Oliver managed the Biden administration with Democrats in control? Let’s take a look back at 2021. Biden, who had just taken office, demanded that Democrats be given MORE power. He also attacked moderates like Joe Manchin. 

The best chance these bills will be enacted is for Democrats to end their filibuster. Every Democrat in the Senate would be required to join this effort. Joe Manchin, however, is the problem.



A scandal broke out in 2021 that enveloped Andrew Cuomo, then Governor of New York, and his brother Chris Cuomo as CNN’s anchor. In February of 2021, Oliver briefly showed a backbone to Democrats, trashing Andrew Cuomo as an “asshole.” But over the next five episodes, as the controversy widened, the HBO host only allowed 47 seconds to mocking the Democrat. 

The week after Andrew Cuomo resigned, Oliver allowed a pathetic six seconds. Here’s the blink- and-you’ll-miss-it moment: 



He also found time to trash conservative Meghan McCain as a “hater.” It’s all quite the contrast to the meltdown Oliver suffered, on-air, when Trump won in 2016: “How the fuck did we get here and what the fuck do we do now?” 

Oliver’s show returns on Sunday. And if you’re expecting a thrashing of Biden — for the sake of consistency — the host told Colbert on Tuesday what was coming: “So it is nice to return to do what we do best, I think, which is stories about pace loans and homelessness.” 

TBS’ leftist comedian Samantha Bee echoed Oliver’s sentiments in April 2021. For anyone expecting mockery of Biden, she wondered, “Why would I purposefully undermine something that seems to be a great idea, pretty much across the board? Like, I don’t need to make jokes just to make jokes. Like, I like to make targeted jokes.”

It’s all about speaking truth to power. 

The transcript of this brief exchange is available here The Late ShowIt is listed below. 

Late Show with Stephen Colbert 
12:00:27 ET

STEPHEN COLLBERT: What was it like to do the show during this administration compared with last? Certainly I feel a great difference in my—  in my daily focus. 

JOHN OLIVER:  It’s much– it’s much more fun to do, right? 


OLIVER: Comedy from complete despair is not fun. For us it was–even we were–our show got sucked in to dealing with the constant firehose from that administration. Therefore, it’s nice to get back to doing what our show does best: stories about pace loans, homelessness, and so on. 

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