Gun Liability Insurance

Purchasing a firearm is an enormous responsibility and should not be handled lightly. Although purchasing gun insurance is not required at the time of buying, the benefits of holding it are vast. Gun liability insurance is extremely important as it can prevent unintentional injuries and death from occurring. Each year, 500 people die unintentionally from firearm injuries. Americans are four times more likely to die from an accidental gun injury than in any other high-income country.

Most unintended injuries or death can be prevented by storing firearms securely. While insurance does not directly make guns safer, it does encourage safer choices and behavior when owning guns. Most unintentional shootings that lead to injuries or death could have been prevented if proper gun storage was utilized. Insurance companies reward good practices by providing lower premiums, and this incentive alone can cause more owners to adjust their gun safety. 

Some of these safety practices that help prevent unintentional shootings and suicides include using a gun safe, installing a trigger lock, taking a gun safety course as well as utilizing a loaded chamber indicator. 31% of accidental firearm deaths could be prevented with child-proof safety locks and loaded chamber indicators. A simple gun safe puts a barrier between thought and action. Read in the infographic below to learn more about the benefits of purchasing gun liability insurance.

Is gun liability insurance required?

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