Google Caves to Leftist Pressure, Will Delete Abortion Clinic Patient Location Data

Following pressure from Democratic Party lawmakers and the liberal media, Google announced that it would make a new exception for retaining users’ location history—users visiting abortion clinics.

The U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs v. JacksonDecision to be struck down Roe V. WadeNumerous tech executives and companies rushed to support baby killing. Google is now a pro-abortion business. With 42 Democrats demanding Google not collect their locations data, the Big Tech platform was subject to a lot of pressure. A letter was also sent to Google by 14 Senators and 7 House legislators, all Democrats. The request asked Google to take down search results related to abortion clinics. The platform finally responded to such pressure by announcing that it would delete location data from abortion clinic patients. 

“Some of the places people visit — including medical facilities like counseling centers, domestic violence shelters, [and] abortion clinics … can be particularly personal,” the Google blog post reads. “Today, we’re announcing that if our systems identify that someone has visited one of these places, we will delete these entries from Location History soon after they visit.”

Google’s updated policy will also allow new deletion options for logs of certain user app data.

Google claimed in the blog post that it is working on other ways “to strengthen and improve” data privacy protections, and this is a “focus” of the company. Google also wrote that it supports “Congressional efforts to reach bipartisan agreement on nationwide privacy protections that move the burden of privacy off individuals and establish good data practices across the board.”

Google claimed it even would oppose law enforcement actions regarding abortion-related data. “Google has a long track record of pushing back on overly broad demands from law enforcement, including objecting to some demands entirely,” Google noted in the blog.

Google didn’t appear so concerned about user data privacy in the past. Free Speech Alliance member Project Veritas presented evidence in April alleging that Google had complied with secret government court orders and gave the government detailed private data from Project Veritas employees’ Gmail accounts.

Axios was also an Axios partner in November, for an election-related project. Maps of the U.S. were included in this project, which showed how common certain phrases/words are within each region. It was completed between November 2nd and Nov. 4. Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and researcher Dr. Robert Epstein, PhD slammed the project in exclusive comments to MRC Free Speech America, saying, “The more you know about people, the easier it is to manipulate them.”

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