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We do see such disgusting stories all the time. However, This is the guyThis is more horrible than many. You wonder how? His former employer was an organisation that teaches students “all about the world of kink, including role play, kinky toys, and bondage.” And now a Nevada Democrat senator is paying homage to his “work.”

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) presented a “certificate of commemoration” to drag queen “Miss Ginger Devine,” as reported by Washington Free Beacon, a Washoe County Library tweet shows. This guy, who also goes by “Reverend Devine,” has performed as a drag queen in the Reno area for more than a decade and has read to children at local libraries since at least 2019. Christopher Daniels is his true name.

Want creepier? As noted by WFB, Daniels describes himself as a “Broadway-loving, ‘Project Runway’- watching, rainbow scarf-wearing, footlong Subway sandwich-eating faglicious homo.” Yeah, I got nothin’.

Here’s the library’s announcement:

Drag Queen Story Time turned out to be a huge success. Today, Sparks families came out to visit Miss Ginger and take part in the festivities. Special thanks to Austin from Sen. Cortez Mastro’s office for presenting Ginger with a very special proclamation! It was an incredible honor to be a part of this wonderful day.

“Fabulous.” Perfect description.

Yeah, what a “success.” What a Malady, rather. It gets even sicker.

Understand: I don’t Give a damnIt is what an adult does for himself, and another responsible adult. Like most Americans, however, I Give a damn! about not only freaks like “Reverend Devine,” who get their kicks from abusing young children, but even more so by a just-as-sick Democrat Party that gleefully promotes this insanity.

According to WFB, Daniels, who minored in LGBT Studies and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for years wrote a “Confessions of a Drag Queen” blog in which he detailed his experiences as a “performer” in Reno. Below is one of his sickest — as far as I know:

Daniels wrote that he “almost got into a fight with a 10-year-old” at a Reno roller rink and arcade — where he said the “average individual in the establishment was 8″— because a “band of stupid 10-year-old boys” objected to his song request of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

“Now … I am not entirely sure what happened next. Flashing strobe light, pain from my calves bracing on the ground, and Mars retrograde may have been the culprit. But I went off on the ten-year journey. [sic]I started screaming while skating on the rink. It looked something like the following, according to my memory.

“Uh excuse me, you prepubescent choir boy. What the f*ck are you doing? What the f*ck can you do? You can get porn, cigarettes, or liquor, at your leisure, if you wish. If I wish to, I am able to drive, vote and gamble. Justin Bieber’s 8-year-old fanatic wannabe, join the 21st century. Cyndi Lauper is TIMELESS so shut the f*ck up and sit down.”

In addition to his rousing roller rink stories, Daniels has dismissed concerns from the “parental units of America” that sexually explicit materials are “influencing the young impressionable minds of the youth.” Daniels called the complaint “bullsh*t.”

And yet, Democrats stand ready to present these awards.

Speaking of which, not that I’d ever compare America-loathing women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe to a drag queen, but as I reported on Saturday, the White House announced that the anthem-kneeling female athlete who believes girls’ sports “just isn’t that important,” is one of 17 honorees to whom Biden will present the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

As I previously mentioned, Daniels is also “Reverend Devine.” In a 2017 “sermon,” the “reverend” called drag queens “God’s sacred messengers on this earth.” Daniels retired from the drag queen biz in 2014. but returned in 2019 as “Miss Ginger Devine” in a show he called “The Come On Her Back Tour.”

Sen. Cortez Masto has not publicly promoted her award to Daniels, according to WFB, and is no doubt reluctant to publicly weigh in on the disgusting “drag queen story hour” exploitation being forced on young children by progressive school boards across America, due to her upcoming difficult reelection bid against Republican Adam Laxalt. The hypocrisy is palpable: Cortez Mastro so supports “Miss Ginger/Reverend Devine” “working” with young kids that she feels compelled to give the guy a “very special proclamation,” yet keeps it down low so she won’t risk losing votes becauseShe is a great supporter.

Bottom line:

Democrat politicians across America Submit a claim they promote “drag queen story hour” and similar controversial crap for several reasons, chief among them: “inclusion,” an example of “a well-rounded education,” and the notion that males dressed as flamboyant females reading to young children promote “a love of diversity.” What a complete crock of crap that could not be more hypocritical.

In addition to the Democrats’ twisted embrace of drag queens closely interacting with confused young children, the left’s Definitions that are regularly used of “inclusion” and “diversity” is a joke.

How “inclusive” is the left of men Women and menwho think that the killing of unborn children before birth is morally wrong and reprehensible? How inclusive is the left of black conservatives like “Uncle Clarence” Thomas? How inclusive are gay conservative political pundits such as Fox News contributors Guy Benson and Tammy Bruce’s left? You can go on and on.

My Democrat friends, I’m sorry, your party is not inclusive, tolerant, diverse or hypocritical.

And as to the “Reverend Devine,” I wouldn’t have let him get within a ten-foot pole of my kids when they were young and impressionable.

Pole-dancing pole or any other.

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