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Going Back to Work Post Covid

While there is still a pandemic people are going to need to start going to work. It is hard to determine exactly what the reentry to the workplace is going to be like. Here are some ideas from Judge Napolitano about what going back to work may look like. He has some things he thinks will happen when people go back to work.

Self Reporting

A person should look over the top COVID symptoms and check themselves each morning before they go to work. They should take their temperature. If a person feels that they have been exposed to the COVID they need to stay home and call their employer. They will need to get tested and have a negative test before going back to work. Even if a person does not have a lot of sick time they need to be safe and not spread a possible infection to others. A person needs to monitor and be honest about their symptoms.

Social Distancing

In the workplace, a person will still need to follow social distancing guidelines. They will need to stay 6 feet apart. If they work in an office building the desks will be six feet apart. If a person works with clients they will probably work on an appointment-only basis or they will conduct as much work over the phone or online meeting such as zoom when possible.

Avoid Sharing

In the office many people share. They want to be helpful. There are times when a coworker will need to borrow a pen or a stapler. While it may sound rude it is not wise to share anything. Do not use other people’s phones, sit at their desks, or share office equipment. If a person does share they need to wipe the item down with disinfectant before returning it.

Clean Often

Andrew Napolitano thinks that one of the best ways to prevent the spreading of germs is to keep the hands clean. A person should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds when possible. If they do not have access to a sink they should use hand sanitizer often. This will help kill any germs that may be left behind. A person should also avoid touching their face. These simple measures can be taken to teach a person how to improve their hygiene habits. If a person needs to cough or sneeze they should do so in their elbow and then wash or sanitize the hands.

When a person is returning to work they still need to make measures to protect themselves from illnesses. A person will need to follow all of the safety guidelines as they prepare to return to the workplace.

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