Do Today’s Businesses Need to Hire Hackers?

The word “hackers” has such a negative connotation among business owners today. Many businesses would never seek to retain the services of a hacker. However, in the modern world, businesses rely on computers to function effectively and to keep hackers out in order to survive and thrive. Which is one reason it is in the best interest of most modern businesses to seek out ethical hackers for hire – from time to time.

Why a hacker?

Some might ask why. Why would businesses ever think to hire hackers to work for them. The answer is simple. Who is better to safeguard your business against hacking attempts than someone who knows the move the average hacker will make to break down the defenses you’ve put into place?

Better still, who understands how hackers think better than someone who hacks? They can help you discover vulnerabilities in your current security protocols, so you can make changes that prevent your business from being hacked.

You may wonder if being hacked is really that big of a deal. After all, you might be under the false impression that small businesses aren’t attractive targets for hackers. You might believe they only go after big names like Sony, Target, and Experian. The truth of the matter is that hackers often go after what they consider soft targets. Those targets include small businesses less likely to have sophisticated security protocols in place.

Small businesses at risk of being hacked

Not only are hackers targeting small businesses in large numbers, 43 percent of all cyberattacks are against small businesses. Not just the attacks against businesses, but of all cyberattacks (including those against individual people, large businesses, medium sized businesses, government entities, schools, etc.), making small businesses the biggest targets for hackers. Here’s the more alarming news, though, 60 percent of small businesses who are successfully targeted by cyberattacks go out of business within six months of the attack.

Protect your business

That means that if you own a small business, you need to go well beyond basic efforts to protect your business against cyberattacks and hacks. Hiring a hacker for your small business can help you with that.

Your business is vulnerable on many levels. From your Wi-Fi network to your employee passwords, hackers can find many avenues into your business network to cause all manner of trouble. Hiring a hacker can help you create a stronger network, maintain anonymity for your business in the areas that matter, improve efficiency for your organization, and help you create a more secure front so that hackers will find no quarters within your network.

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