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Liberals Mock Conservatives for ‘God Bows Down to Trump’ Sign — Then They Learn Who Put It Up

Liberals on social media mocked conservatives after a viral photograph showed a sign reading “God Bows Down to President Donald J. Trump.” Just one problem.

The sign, which the president’s critics took as an indication of Trump supporters’ supposedly cult-like devotion, was actually put up by one of their own.

A photo of the sign was posted Sunday by a Twitter user named Antonia Lee Donnelly and racked up thousands of likes and retweets.

Trump critics flooded the replies section of the tweet to express their contempt for the president’s supporters.

“Relax. These are the same people that believe cowboys and dinosaurs coexisted,” said one commenter.

Numerous anti-Trump critics blasted his supporters for purportedly selling out their faith to signal their adoration.

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“This demeans and cheapens their faith, besides making them look like cult members,” one user tweeted.

But if the idea that Trump supporters set the president above the Almighty seemed too absurd to be real, that’s because it was.

Snopes revealed on Monday that while the sign technically wasn’t a fake, it wasn’t created by a Trump supporter.

The sign was posted by a New Jersey man named David Sander, according to Snopes.

Sander is a vehement critic of the president who has a penchant for posting anti-Trump signs in his yard.

Last year, Asbury Park police asked Sander to take down a particularly suggestive sign that depicted a sexual encounter between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Asbury Park Press reported.

In the case of the viral photo depicting the “God Bows Down to Trump” sign, Snopes founder David Mikkelson declared it “was meant to be taken ironically (or ‘satirically’) rather than literally — it was mocking Trump and the sentiment expressed in the text rather than promoting them.”

Snopes, which has been accused by conservatives of harboring a liberal bias, rated the photograph as a “Mixture” of true and false information.

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“Political humor can sometimes be so arch that viewers fail to discern it as such,” Mikkelson wrote, softening the blow for the Trump critics who were duped by the sign.

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