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Brian Stelter Admits Sean Hannity Was Just as Brutal to Him in Real Life as He Is on Twitter

CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter revealed recently that his current nemesis, Fox News host Sean Hannity, calls him “Humpty” to his face.

Stelter and Hannity have been embroiled in a Twitter feud over the former’s upcoming book about Fox News and President Donald Trump.

The “Reliable Sources” host is a frequent target of conservatives, with many criticizing him for his purported bias against right-leaning media outlets.

Stelter has engaged in a long-running spat with Hannity, who accused him of being “obsessed with hating Trump and hating Fox News” during a segment of his show that aired in August.

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Hannity took to Twitter over the weekend and slammed Stelter, who he often refers to as “Humpty Dumpty,” after the anthropomorphic egg of English legend.

Stelter responded on Saturday, saying Hannity had “lobbed a bunch of Twitter missiles” at him.

The CNN host also claimed he and Hannity had discussed his upcoming book “in person” at a party in December.

Stelter’s tweets prompted a reply from liberal British journalist Mehdi Hassan, who asked if Hannity called Stelter “Humpty” to his face during the party.

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“Yes…,” Stelter replied.

Hannity, meanwhile, continued his assault in a series of tweets on Monday, challenging Stelter to beat CNN colleague Jim Acosta’s “record of failure” when it came to selling books and asking if Stelter would “beg” to come on his program.

The top-rated Fox News host also suggested Stelter was training “creepy” Oliver Darcy, a CNN senior media reporter, to be his understudy.

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