Gibbs Pulls off Upset Victory Over Pro-Impeachment Meijer – Opinion

During the 2016 race, some Democrats were pushing Donald Trump in the Republican primary because they thought he was more “extreme” and would be easier for Hillary Clinton to beat. It’s all well-known how it ended.

This was the same team that they were in this year’s primaries. In Michigan, the Third Congressional District was contested by John Gibbs and Rep. Peter Meijer, a Republican from Michigan. Meijer supported President Donald Trump’s impeachment. We reported previously that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee paid hundreds of thousands for ads to Gibbs. This, while they’re accusing the Trump candidates of somehow being “threats” to “democracy.”

But that’s the Democrats for you. Meijer allowed them to do what they wanted to impeach Trump. But then, they decided to throw him under the bus. Once again it showed how little the Democrats really care about control and power. Despite how much they are praising Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R–IL), the Democrats would still do the exact same to them if it came up in their path. This is why they should not be allowed to throw in with them.

It’s unclear how much that may have mattered in the race, but Gibbs also had a lot of support and pulled off an upset victory against Meijer in a tight race. Meijer gave in to the temptation and Gibbs won Wednesday morning by nearly 4,000 votes. Gibbs was a former developer of software and served as acting assistant secretary at the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Trump’s Administration.

Both Trump and Gibbs celebrated.

“Fantastic night in Michigan! Tudor Dixon is going to be an excellent Governor. John Gibbs won with an impressive surge at the end. Not a good time for Impeachers – 7 down, 3 to go! Thank you Michigan!” he wrote in the post.

Dave Wasserman of Cook Political Report moved the general election race from “toss-up” to “lean Democrat” because he thinks that increases the chances the Democrats will win.

They have drawn the district again, making it more Democratic. That gives the Democrats an edge. That’s the way that they think they can blunt the red wave that’s coming, with all the redistricting. With a big enough wave and strong support, I think he could pull it out, but there’s no question, given what they did to the district, that it’s going to be a challenge.

Republicans must get everybody out, not just the red wave as a given. It’s coming, as I’ve said, but we have to make it happen and make it as big as possible.

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