‘Get Ready to Give Them Up!’ The View Is Coming for Your Guns

The Wednesday after the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the cast of ABC’s The ViewIn a combative mood. Whoopi Goldberg (co-host) was in a war spirit against Republicans. She threatened to physically attack them, wanted to deputize people to go after them and to law-abiding gun owners to “get ready” because “they’re going to come” for your guns.

Goldberg kicked off the show by spewing the media’s favorite lie from the anti-gun rights Gun Violence Archive. “We are 145 days into the year, and there have already been 212 mass shootings in America,” she proclaimed.

NewsBusters has already debunked the GVA’s deceptive methodology.

Goldberg openly threatened Republican senators to attack after playing clips of President Joe Biden & Democratic Senator Chris Murphy (CT), “And I swear to God if I hear another Republican senator talk about their heart being broken, I’m going to punch somebody,”She laughed. “I can’t take anymore thoughts and prayers. If your thoughts and prayers were really with everybody, you would have done something by now.”

Demanding that gun rights advocates “stop gaslighting me,” co-host Joy Behar rejected the fact that inanimate objects can’t act on their own. “Stop saying it’s not guns that kill people. People are what kill. People are killed by guns. Okay? Stop saying the opposite,”She hoarsed.

Also, she rejected the idea that guns can stop people from being good. “And stop saying that you can have a good guy stop a bad guy with a gun. We have seen in both of these shootings in the past three weeks that a good guy tried and could not do it,” she cherry-picked two examples.



The CDC found guns are actually used 100x more frequently to save lives that they were taken.

Faux Republican Ana Navarro was having a normal day as she went on an unhinged screed about how “Republicans are being held hostage by the NRA” and called them a “special interest” as if they and other pro-gun groups didn’t have members from all over the country.

Therefore, I want Republicans to have the same enthusiasm for books bans as they show when it comes to banning themProhibiting gay conversations Banning conversations about Black History and Regulating My Uterus I want them to show the same energy for banning guns,” she proclaimed.

The ViewPrefers to murder children in the womb if they cause inconvenience.

As they were nearing a commercial break, Goldberg decided to blame Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott for the shooting because he supposedly “signed 22 bills this year” that specifically allowed “mass shooters to buy, carry, and own guns in his state.”

Goldberg then declared that the anti-gun rights crowd should be “deputizing citizens” as Texas does with its abortion law:

You sold the AR-15 at gun shows? We will see you in court. Is your neighbour too rich? You need to call the police! Let’s use some Supreme Court logic, too. Alito claims that abortion is not allowed in the Constitution. AR-15s are not covered either. They are not covered by the constitution. If life is sacred, stop aborting young lives with guns.


Find people who will look at you and agree with your decision. Although we don’t necessarily need AR-15s to hunt, I would like to retain my shotgun. Okay. Okay.

FACT CHECK TIME: There is no “gun show loophole” as she alludes to. To purchase a gun, you must pass a background screening. Abortion is not in the Constitution because you don’t have a right to kill someone. However, you have the right of self-defense as well as the right to own and carry arms. That fact is acknowledged in the Second Amendment and it doesn’t apply exclusively to hunting.

“They’re going to come for those AR-15s and you better because this is America,”She shouted.

If she applied her logic then it would be time to shut down The View because the Constitution doesn’t mention television as a form of speech and press in the First Amendment.

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Below is the transcript. Click “expand to read:

ABC’s The View
25 May 2022
Eastern at 11:01 a.m.

WHOOPI GLOBBERG: Welcome to The View. We’re 145 days into this year and already there have been 212 mass shootings across America. A school shooting spree in Texas claimed the lives of at least 19 children and 2 adults yesterday. It is the most deadly school shooting since Sandy Hook a year ago. And President Biden continues to ask the same questions that we did then.


Eastern, 11:03:27

GOLDBERG We are doing what? It’s because we are — and why is this so difficult? Und if another Republican Senator talks about his heart breaking, I swear I will punch someone!

JOY BEHAR: Your thoughts, prayers and hopes.

GOLDBERG – I don’t have the energy to think or pray anymore. Your thoughts and prayers would be with everyone if they were real. It’s not like anybody’s not trying to make something happen. How is this possible?

BEHAR: Stop gaslighting and threatening me. It’s not guns killing people. They are the people who kill. People are killed by guns. Okay? You can’t be negative. It is not true that mental illness causes this. Every country has mental illness, but they do not have the same problem. Stop blaming me for that.

Stop claiming that a good man can stop a bad one with a gun. In both shootings, we have witnessed that the good guys tried but failed.

GOLDBERG: He was also murdered.

Behar: We are not being gaslighted.


Eastern at 11:06 a.m.

ANA NAVARRO – Republicans are held captive by the NRA, a gun lobby that is a special interest and holds the purse strings. It isn’t the money that the constituents have given. It’s the money from the industry – from the gun industry and that special interest.

Republicans should have the same enthusiasm for banning books, banning gay conversations, banning discussions about black history and regulation of my uterus as they show when banning books are discussed. They should have the same enthusiasm for banning guns.


Eastern, 11:11:04

GOLDBERG. Governor Abbott signed 22 bills this past year that made it easier for mass shooting victims to own, buy and carry guns in the state. We can apply the abortion laws to gun violence by allowing citizens to sue those involved.

You sold an AR-15 at the gun fair? You will be in court. Is your neighbour too rich? You should call the police. Let’s use some Supreme Court logic, too. Alito claims that abortion is not allowed in the Constitution. AR-15s are not covered either. They are not covered by the constitution. If life is sacred, stop aborting young lives with guns. Stop using guns —

BEHAR: You should stop voting for Republicans.


GOLDBERG: No. Don’t stop voting for


GOLDBERG – But you can get more Republicans there.

BEHAR: No. It’s not right now.

GOLDBERG says: Find people who will look at you and then say “OK.” While we don’t need AR-15s, I would like to retain my shotgun as I hunt. Okay. It’s okay to have your gun but not your AR-15. You can’t tell my family what you can or cannot do if you don’t want to be all-in on my business. You better believe they’ll come after those AR-15s. This is America.


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