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Over 2,000 people are currently residing in Davos Switzerland, where they plan to establish the New World Order. These plans are being developed by elitists who plan to dominate you and everything you know. Klaus Schwab is one of the World Economic Forum’s architects. Schwab is a Nazi German citizen who projects the image of Dr. Schwab is Evil, only in a nicer suit. He tells the forum that “The future is built by us.” Ok, Klaus.


His spooky opening statements were covered by us two days ago. Schwab and over 2000 other individuals who are smarter than you flew on private planes into Davos, then boarded helicopters for the final destination. Their goal is to have control over everything that has anything to do with money. Their plan is to have all the information about you, regardless of whether you’re living off grid or in a tree house. What you do, what “carbon footprint” you leave, and where you go and what you buy. I reported months ago how our “betters” plan to monitor you “social credit score” and  how mega-companies plan to monitor your compliance —  track you. They’d love to learn everything about you.

J Michael Evans, Alibaba’s president, stated that they plan to make it possible for consumers to calculate their carbon footprint. How does this work? They would know where you travel, what you are eating, what you consuming, so they can create an individual “carbon footprint tracker.”

“Stay tuned,” Evans says. “We don’t have it operational yet, but its something we are working on.”

Evans is mighty proud of his company’s plans to track your every move. Evans isn’t alone, of course. The forum’s full measure of elitists and experts are there to come to similar conclusions and results. You are part of the World Economic Forum, which is intended to force solutions for unwashed masses.

Kristalina Georgieva (IMF chief) warned of the dire consequences for both humanity and the planet’s economy if there is a slowdown. The “horizon has darkened” warns the chief, but fear not – the leaders of the economic forum are in Davos to help set the world on the right track.

Bill Gates is in Davos and was a member of a panel on “Preparing for the Next Pandemic.” He spoke about the next generation of pandemic vaccines that would potentially scale up for an entire population and develop a new vaccine(s) within “a month,” and those vaccines would be  “infection blocking and long duration.” Producing vaccines in less than a year worked so well during the present pandemic, medical experts like Bill Gates want the next batches in 30 days.

In addition, the World Economic Forum presented an initiative to develop a metaverse. Is that what it means? The planned “metaverse” will combine real life with a virtual life designed to:

“create endless new playgrounds and workspaces for users equipped with virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps or other devices.”

You might recall Facebook’s human robot Mark Zuckerburg launched his parent company “Meta” in a creepy ad with a promise of an “alternate reality” metaverse. He seems to have been referring to this.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to pass on having a virtual life. It’s not something I want to do.

But don’t be too concerned — Chris Cox, the Chief Product Officer at Meta, said he envisioned “standards and governance” for this new “reality.”

Cox sees a “ratings system” for content in the imagined metaverse. Cox claimed it’s for the best – so “young people” and/or their parents “can have some sense of what the rules are in the environment that they’re going to walk into.”

Even on paper, it sounds creepy.  These are the same people who invented Facebook’s addictive platform — with software designed to suck children into a dopamine high with “likes” and “shares.”  It’s had dire consequences. What I don’t see is any good coming from a new generation of children sucked even further into an alternate reality and away from actual reality.

Never mind, you unwashed masses – the elites are planning our future. They are the best.

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