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Democrats and their hypochondriac supporters have been disappointed by the Omicron variation of COVID-19 in many ways. Although hospitalizations and the number of cases is on the rise, severe outcomes and length of stay are declining. In fact, a new study was just released that showed that out of 52,000 patients, researchers couldn’t find a single person who was put on a ventilator. Also, deaths are not following past COVID spikes’ case curve.

All of this information in front of them has forced the hypersensicals to increase their claims that case numbers represent the best barometer. Despite the fact that the majority of cases mimic or are asymptomatic of the common cold, they have been obliged to make more of the claim that case number is the most relevant. That means another round of “stop the spread” propaganda. Yet, the admission that cloth masks don’t actually do much of anything has represented a stumbling block. How can the left continue to push a mitigation measure that even their own approved COVID-tyrants are saying doesn’t work?

Well, Democrats think they’ve found their next move. Is your N95 government-issued ready?

It’s hard to know where to begin in calling out this abject nonsensical, completely unnecessary proposition.

Let’s start with the fact that mass usage of N95s has not actually been shown to “slow the spread” any more than cloth masks have. While there are lab studies showing N95s have a greater efficacy than other types of masks, those same lab studies did not prove that surgical masks were any more effective. Despite those “results,” the real-world data continues to show that mask mandates in general (because of a combination of the ineffectiveness of the masks themselves and unrealistic expectations on the wearer) do not actually have any marked effect on the spread of the virus.

It is impossible to get people to use any mask properly or to follow a proper sanitization routine. For N95s to be of any use, they must have a professionally fitted face. It is not worth sending them in large quantities. We also have thousands of cases in which people wearing N95s religiously were actually infected.

This is the point: N95s may offer protection, but only in a very specific setting (i.e. It is unlikely that N95s will offer any protection in a specific situation (i.e., being cleaned, sterilized, and worn with devotion), as normal living can cancel this protection out. The high transmissibility of COVID-19 means that even if someone does everything right eight times out of ten, they’ll simply contract the virus on the ninth and tenth time. It is this reason that mask mandates have been shown to be very effective in real life. completely ineffective.

Let’s also talk about the fact that CDC Dir. Rochellewalensky previously admitted that N95 masks for public solutions aren’t feasible.

All those pictures of nurses in N95 masks that they wore all day, which were virally shared early on the pandemic? The government now wants normal people to wear N95 masks after using this as propaganda for how bad the pandemic is. For what purpose? To stop a virus that can’t be stopped and is also milder than the flu based on the available data we currently have? Over 70% of Americans have been vaccinated.

However, mandates for N95 are in place in certain areas.

This should be called child abuse.

Again, it is up to sane individuals to resist this. We, those of us who saw the data clearly early and concluded that cloth masks are pointless, will now have to take the fight against the N95 mandates. We have had enough. We aren’t doing this.

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