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It’s that day again — Tuesday is here, and with it, primaries in five more states: Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Minnesota, and Arkansas. Here’s a quick rundown:


The primaries in Georgia are undoubtedly the ones drawing the greatest attention. First, there’s the US Senate race, where Democrat Raphael Warnock seeks to hold onto the seat he won from Kelly Loeffler in the special election runoff of January 2021. Tamara John Shealey is his challenger in this primary. On the GOP side, it’s Herschel Walker looking to run away with the win (the RCP Average has him up 54.5 points).

At issue are 14 House Seats. Although not all of the House seats are up for grabs, the Fourteenth District is where the majority of interest lies. This district, in which Marjorie Taylor Greene, the incumbent Republican, seeks to keep her seat. The Associated Press:

Now in her first reelection campaign for a solidly red district in northwest Georgia, Greene is facing a handful of challengers, including health care consultant Jennifer Strahan, who pitched herself as a “no-nonsense conservative” alternative to Greene.

And then there’s the Governor’s race, where, for the Republicans, Trump-backed David Perdue faces off against incumbent (according to everyone except Stacey Abrams) Brian Kemp, who’s backed by Trump’s former Vice President, Mike Pence — lots of tea leaves waiting to be read there. For the Dems, Stacey Abrams faces no challenger as she seeks to “retain” (ahem) the seat.


The following is from the AP

Retired U.S. senator Richard Shelby left Alabama’s Republican primary as a highly competitive race. Candidates are vying for his nomination.

The three highest-profile candidates in Tuesday’s primary are U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, who won — and then lost — former President Donald Trump’s backing; Katie Boyd Britt, Shelby’s former chief of staff; and Mike Durant, the owner of an aerospace company who is best known as the helicopter pilot shot down and captured in the events that inspired “Black Hawk Down.” Lillie Boddie, Karla M. Dupriest and Jake Schafer are also seeking the GOP nomination.

Trump had initially endorsed Brooks in the race but rescinded that backing in March, citing unhappiness with Brooks’ performance and accusing the conservative congressman of going “woke” for suggesting it was time to move on from Trump’s 2020 election fraud claims.


In November, the Democratic nominee will be facing the winner. Lanny Jackson, Brandaun Dean, and Will Boyd are all vying to win the Democratic nomination.

Alabama also has seven Congressional Districts. A number of primaries were cancelled due to a single (or insufficient) candidate. The GOP only holds primaries in Third and Fifth Districts while Democrats have them in Second, Third and Fourth Districts. Alabama holds the gubernatorial primaries. Kay Ivey is the Republican incumbent.


Lone Star State has many significant events. The initial primary was held back in March, so today’s key races are runoffs. There are many runoffs for House seats. But the most important question is Henry Cuellar, the incumbent Democrat against Jessica Cisneros.

On the Democratic side, Rep. Cuellar’s bid for a 10th term has run head-on into a reenergized national battle over abortion rights. His position as one of the last anti-abortion Democrats in Congress has become a central issue in his runoff against Jessica Cisneros, a 28-year-old immigration attorney and abortion rights supporter.

Democratic House leaders have lined up behind Cuellar. Cisneros trailed Cuellar by roughly 1,000 votes in March, but Cuellar didn’t hit the 50% threshold to avoid a runoff.

Cuellar’s essentially become a unicorn — an anti-abortion, pro-border-control Democrat — so the contrast between him and Cisneros couldn’t be more dramatic. This one’s going to have lots of pundit tongues wagging in terms of what it may signal as to the preferences of Latino voters.

Another eyebrow-raiser is a Trump-endorsed candidate against a Bush. Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton will be challenged by George P. Bush, the Republican side. (Democrats RochelleGarza and Joe Jaworski vying for the Republican win.

Others races to be noted:

  • The lieutenant governor’s race with Democrat Michelle Beckley fighting Mike Collier for the job
  • Texas Land Commissioner: The title is up for grabs. Tim Westley, a Republican Dawn Buckingham, and Tim Westley are battling it out. Jay Kleberg (and Sandragrace Martinez) will go head-to-head to win the Democratic nomination
  • Republicans will have to choose between Wayne Christian, the incumbent Railroad Commissioner, and Sarah Stronger his challenger.
  • Finally, we’ve got Democrats facing off for Comptroller — Janet T. Dudding and Angel Luis Vega will enter the arena for their party’s nod


Minnesota only has a primary in one Congressional District today — that of House District One. This special election will fill the vacant seat that was held by Republican Jim Hagedorn in February, after he died from kidney cancer. The AP notes local GOP officials have likened the contest to a “dumpster fire”:

When Republican Rep. Jim Hagedorn died of kidney cancer in February, his widow, former Minnesota GOP chair Jennifer Carnahan, said her husband’s wish was for her to succeed him and represent southern Minnesota in Congress.

The race hasn’t shaped up that way.

Even before announcing her bid, Carnahan’s friendship with a GOP donor who was federally indicted for sex-trafficking minors sparked a firestorm. Then a recording surfaced last year in which she said, “Jim’s gonna be dead in two years. So be it.” Last week, she was sued by her deceased husband’s family as they attempted to recoup money they loaned him for cancer treatment, which they say she was supposed to pay back to them.

The drama there leaves the door open for “establishment” candidate Brad Finstad and State Rep. Jeremy Munson, the “outsider.” For the Democrats, it’s Jeff Ettinger, the former CEO of Hormel.


Arkansas’ Senate seat is currently contested by John Boozman (Republican). He will be taking on Jake Bequette, a former Razorbacks defense end and U.S Army veteran. Boozman led by a significant margin in the Talk Business/Hendrix College Poll released in early May. But, as we reported last week, an opposition political group sent misleading mailers about Bequette. Although it is unclear whether the negative reaction to the mailer will help Bequette reduce the gap, it may prevent Boozman hitting 50 percent and forcing a runoff.

One is in the gubernatorial election, where Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former White House Press Secretary and daughter of the ex-Governor, is up against Doc Washburn. Huckabee Sanders is up 56 in the same May Talk Business/Hendrix College survey, which suggests she will win there.

You can see the live results below, or stay tuned to RedState throughout the night for more election coverage.






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