‘Freaks’ and ‘Weirdos’: Morning Joe Repeatedly Smears Republican Candidates

Somewhere in Joe Scarborough’s storied past, he apparently became convinced that insults of your enemies will stick—if you repeat them often enough. Perhaps it was what worked for him at high school. 

This is why regular reminders are so important.Morning Joe Scarborough, his sidekicks and others repeat a series of insults against their political enemies. Today’s targets were Republican candidates, and Joe & Co.’s slurs of choice were “freak,” “weirdo,” and “wackadoodle,” with an assortment of other epithets scattered in. No fewer than 27Conservatives have been insulted.

Scarborough began by complaining that “there hasn’t been a positive profile written on Kamala Harris for at least two years.” Is this really necessary? He may be complaining that Kamala calls Joe to give him political advice.

She is not being attacked by the far right. The mother of a 44-year-old white woman lives in her basement with Cheetos and boxers. They will love these stories because it makes them feel better than white men in similar situations.

Who do Joe think his viewers might be? Perhaps his peers from Jupiter, Florida and Nantucket. The Grey Poupon is theirs to fetch and live in.  

Scarborough claims that Kamala is winning early polls, despite DeSantis’s attempts to ridicule her. This was also tweeted by him: 

After that, the panel unleashed a torrent of insults on Republican candidates. Scarborough was not the only one to be insulted. Eugene Robinson and Eugene Geist as well as Michael Steele also contributed their “wackadoo” slurs.

Mediaite took notice on Tuesday of Scarborough mocking J.D. Vance as two-faced and using a “cringeworthy” impression of a “South Park character.” The men didn’t notice that Scarborough hosted Vance happily back in 2016, when Scarborough wasn’t running for Republican presidential nomination. He was also referring to Trump as “just an opioid.” 

Morning JoePreaches to its liberal audience. Will the show’s juvenile brand of name-calling be a hit with those who are in the middle? November will tell.

Morning Joe slurred Republican candidate as “freaks”, and “weirdos” in a rant. This was partly sponsored by Angi, Servpro and UPS.  

The transcript is here.

Morning Joe
6:04 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH – Kamala Harris has been the subject of negative press for at least two years. It isn’t just the far right, who constantly attack her and thinks that she is crazy.The stories will make white 44-year-olds living in their mom’s basement with Cheetos and their boxers all over their face, love it, because they’ll feel superior to white men at the same level.

. . . 

No matter how bad the Democrats are, they have not been good. Republicans are crazy. Voters feel like they have issues with Democrats. But those are the ones who care.The insurrectionists and the weirdos, the freaks. 

. . . 

WILLIE GEIST: The weird and the freaky.

SCARBOROUGH, We have been talking for some while about the parallels between France and us. . . Le Pen, they believed, understood their lives better than they did. She probably supported policies that they liked more. They disagreed. She’s an eccentric. Her personality is one of the strangest. This wackadoodle doesn’t belong in our house.Running our country [Michael Steele laughs.]

. . . 

These Senate races are, in 22, regardless of whether you’re in Ohio, Pennsylvania or some in Georgia. The crackpot is not what we want. The crackpot is not what we want. In our state. They may be right on some policies. Perhaps we believe the Democrats too progressive. However, we can’t allow ourselves to be too progressive. You are a weirdo Representatives for us in Washington, D.C. 

. . . 

It’s possible that Republicans may have pushed too far with certain of these, but I doubt it.Freaks and insurrectionists

MICHAELSTEELE: Rick James may have written a song about those people. freaks [“Superfreak”]. You made me think about that, when you mentioned that Le Pen was your favorite. . . People are sitting there, I believe, and saying, “Ah, OK, let’s leave.” freaks Over there. 

. . . 

EUGENE ROBINSON – Elections can be a choice. These choices will be made by voters. But they won’t. wackos

. . . .

SCARBOROUGH – And this hypocrite J.D. Vance who acts like a freak . . . These were the ones they pickedInsurrectionists and freaks as well as conspiracy theorists . . . They are weirdos! Wackos.

. . . 

STEELE: Wackos, freaks.

. . . 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI – It’s so horrible, but it’s still there. wackadoos. Their achievements. 

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