Former Clinton Special Adviser Who Admitted Epstein to WH Seven Times Dies – Opinion

Mark Middleton — who used to be a special assistant to President Bill Clinton and was a finance director on his presidential campaign — passed away on Saturday, according to an announcement from his family.

Middleton, who was just 59 years of age, was never officially declared dead.

According to The Daily Mail, Middleton ran an Arkansas air conditioning company for years that was one the biggest HVAC companies in Arkansas. He was also the person who allowed Jeffrey Epstein in to the White House on 17 of his visits. He also flew on Epstein’s plane and “appears to have acted as a conduit between the two men.”

A source has told that some of Middleton’s meetings with Epstein happened in room 176 which was in the old Executive Office building, not the White House.

Middleton wanted a meeting space near the White House mess so he could show his guests his proximity to Oval Office.

The source said: ‘Mark was trying to make himself look bigger than he was. He tried to appear more powerful than he actually was in the White House.

‘Mark knew that Epstein was managing the money of Les Wexner,’ referring to the billionaire founder of L Brands and Victoria’s Secret.

The source went on: ‘The year 1994 there were midterm elections, Clinton needed money and Mark thought he could get some of Wexner’s money.

But Middleton’s exit from the White House didn’t go well in February 1995. Middleton was charged by the White House with abusing his power to attract business clients. He was removed from his executive residence without permission of the senior members. He said that he did not do any wrong.

While the obituary didn’t declare what the cause of death was, people were asked to donate to a local “counseling and therapy” service.

The Pulaski County (Arkansas) Sheriff’s office said they had not responded to Middleton’s death, and neither had the county coroner, according to their offices. It is unclear what caused the incident.

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