FORGET SOMETHING? CBS Omits COVID Testing Website Glitches During Their Coverage

CBS reported CBS’s official launch of the day before. Evening NewsThe story about its launch was missing a crucial detail. CBS doesn’t want to tell you about the website’s reported problems. It makes Biden and his friends look terrible. 

CBS News National Correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports on the launch a website where Americans can place orders for COVID testing to be sent to their residences. 

The federal government’s site to order fast tests is now live, despite long queues at certain testing sites. You can order as many as four tests for your household and they will be shipped within 7 to 12 days.

The report did not mention how many test orderrs are having problems processing their orders. Some people, for example, who are living in apartments cannot submit orders as the website does not recognize their address. 



ABC deserves credit where credit is due World News TonightThey covered it on Tuesday’s broadcast. Stephanie Ramos, ABC News Network correspondent on website glitches. 

Families all over the country have already placed their first order. Apartment dwellers have no problems. Other tenants have trouble ordering to the exact same address. Netia McCray attempted to order for relatives with elderly who reside in apartments

Since tests can only be ordered by four people per family, residents may not order test if another family in the same unit orders four. Multiple apartment units are not recognized by the website. CBS cannot explain the situation to its viewers because it is too complex. This would be embarrassing for their friends in the Biden government, so they prefer to hide it from viewers. 

Prevagen Tylenol and Salonpas made it possible to include this example of bias in CBS Evening News. This link allows you to contact them about biased news that they finance. CBS has also asked that you text Norah O’Donnell your thoughts on their news coverage at (202) 217-1107. 

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CBS Evening News


6.33.20 PM

MANUEL BOJORQUEZ : Hello, Norah. Despite the increase in cases, testing facilities had to close over the weekend because of the snowstorm. There could also be severe weather this weekend. The federal government has a solution for tonight. The federal government’s site, which allows you to quickly order tests online, is now live. Orders of up to four tests can be placed per household and will arrive within 7 to 12 days. This is the latest effort by the federal government to decrease hospitalizations. Omicron could be more deadly than Omicron. Mid-march could see an additional 50,000 Americans die, according to models.

ABC World News Tonight


6:32.56 PM

DAVID MURIR: It’s great to be here with you on Tuesday evening. We will begin tonight’s discussion with the pandemic. Tonight’s pandemic is being addressed by the new government website. Although it is a day earlier than expected, this test will not be too far away. There are four tests free per household, and this comes during the Omicron surge that is still sweeping much of this country.


6:34 PM

STEPHANIE RAMOS – Tonight is the launch of This website allows Americans to order four at-home free tests. Already, families across the nation have placed their first orders. Apartment dwellers have no problems. Other tenants have trouble ordering to the exact same address. Netia McCray ordered for her elderly relatives that live in apartment buildings.

NETIA MCCRAY : It was telling me that it had received four requests from this household for tests. This must be avoided. The computer has to differentiate between apartments and buildings.

RAMOS. McCray’s orders finally went through. She searched by zip code for the addresses and then went backwards. There could have been some delays at the beginning, acknowledged The White House. 

JEN PSAKI – Every website launch is, to our mind, a risk. There may be bugs.


6:36.44 PM 

RAMOS: You can also get free covid test. You can visit Tomorrow will be the official launch. Every household will now be able order four test kits and these will arrive in seven to twelve days. The first order will be received by February 1st and 2nd. According to the White House, they’ll also open a telephone line for people who do not have access to computers. David?

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