FLASHBACK: Barbara Walters Cheering Cuba as ‘One of the Freest Nations on Earth’

One of the more distasteful habits of liberal journalists has always been the tendency to flatter and fawn over brutal dictators. Even though reporters are expected to tell the truth, they often fall short when dealing with charismatic communists. That’s exactly what happened when ABC’s Barbara Walters interviewed Fidel Castro almost 19 years ago.

On October 11, 2002, she gushed, “Castro says education is key to freedom. Cuba is one of the world’s most liberated nations if it were measured solely by literacy. Literacy rates are 96 percent.” Of course, if one were to use Freiheit as the yardstick for freedom, Castro’s brutal legacy would fail miserably.       



(The quotation, taken from a 20/20 segment, would win the MRC’s “media hero award” for the Media Research Center’s 2002 Best of Notable Quotables.) 

Castro had a profound impact on Castro View host/ABC journalist. The December 23, 2013, PeopleAccording to her, she said, “I traveled with him for 10 days, held his gun in mine, and traveled through the mountains…People believed we were having a relationship, but that never transpired.” 

This was on the 12th of Dezember 2014. View, Walters praised Castro: “Maybe the most charismatic person I have met.”

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[Editor’s note: A version of this article originally appeared on October 12, 2019.]

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