Feminists Melt Down Over Man’s Checklist Outlining What Makes a Woman Beautiful

A controversial Twitter post describing “How to be a Beautiful Woman” outraged feminists and liberal-minded women on social media this week.

Alexander Cortes, a personal trainer/entrepreneur/writer/former ballet dancer, triggered a ferocious debate on Twitter after he shared a list of qualities which make a woman desirable to men to his more than 56,000 followers. That the long-maned lothario’s notion of beauty fit squarely into the traditional ideal of an attractive woman likely had something to do with the outcry.

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The modern progressive political climate, and its constant ebb away from conventional gender roles, meant that some Twitter users had a hard time swallowing exhortations such as “Be Thin” and “Be Able to Cook.”

“You can use this list to vet women If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know that they are harpies that you never want to breed with and that they would be terrible mothers,” Cortes wrote in a tweet that hinted at the fact that, while he might believe the advice he was doling out to the ladies, his intent wasn’t simply to provide a public service. He was also looking to provoke a response.


An avalanche of hatred followed. “Blimey. And all we want from men is for them not to be controlling narcissistic dickwads,” wrote Deborah Jane Orr. “Thank god I’m a lesbian,” wrote one commenter.

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Meanwhile, Max Kennerly answered Cortes’ list with his own, more PC-friendly version.

And that one made the feminists swoon.

The backlash prompted Cortes, whose tweets suggest he is a conservative and perhaps a President Donald Trump supporter, to take a swipe, apparently, at the purportedly libertine sexual climate that empowers female promiscuity.


He also pushed back on accusations of misogyny. “If you disagree with anything I say or think you’re a misogynist (while also demanding to be treated like an equal, except when it puts me at a disadvantage, because then its misogyny),” he tweeted in a sarcastic characterization of his ideological opponents.

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