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During the Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led “protests” that took place last year here in the U.S. after the officer-involved death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, there were numerous instances where so-called “peaceful protesters” took over busy streets, blocking them and preventing the normal flow of traffic from one place to the next in an effort to spread their warped “Defund the Police” message, a message that backfired spectacularly on House Democrats in the November 2020 elections.

Some instances saw angry confrontations, where protestors surrounded and jumped on vehicles, while others were agitated by drivers who approached them to block the roads, trying to push their way through. At some, injuries were sustained and people were arrested. In some cases, there were even deaths as a direct result of these confrontations.

In any event, I said all that to say that many of us here in the states can definitely identify with the feelings of frustration and anger over being prevented from going where one needs to go due to a street-blocking “sit-in” protest being put on by radical left-wing activists, whether it be on your way to work, to visit family and/or friends, or to just be out for a leisurely stroll as one often does, especially on a beautiful fall day like today.

During recent environmental protests in the United Kingdom, those feelings of anger and frustration boiled over for some fed-up British drivers including those on the way to work and at least one man who told a local news outlet that he had lost a job opportunity because he couldn’t get past the protesters who had made him over an hour late for his interview.

After failing to clear the roadblocks, some of the drivers became angry and decided to do their thing.

In all the videos I’ve seen, there was no violence committed. The only thing that happened was drivers pulling people over the sides of the road from their cars.

Apparently, the driver-inspired campaign to literally get these people off the streets has gotten results, as the “Insulate Britain” group has at least temporarily called off future sit-down protests, proclaiming that they’re doing so in response to a speech made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson where he said we’ve reached a “critical turning point” on the environment:

After a Boris Johnson speech, eco protesters that have enraged motorists by blocking the roads were forced to halt their campaign.


… motorists may enjoy some brief respite from their disruption as the group decided to stop campaigning until October 25 – ahead of the crucial COP26 UN climate talks in Glasgow.

However, the “Leading Britain’s Conversation” (LBC) website pointed out that the decision also came after the numerous videos surfaced of the protesters being dragged off the streets:

It also follows a protest at Purfleet Ferry Terminal in Essex where Insulate Britain activists angered drivers and drove them away.

The mother was blockedFrom driving her son 11 years to school with another driver told LBCHe was late to an interview for the job.

Here’s a longer video showing drivers taking action against the activists:

These types of tactics, if used here in the U.S., would lead to accusations of “violence!” and “you’re violating my free speech rights!” but in the U.K. it appears that at least some of the drivers understand there’s got to be a delicate balance between expressing your political opinions on roadways and allowing people to get to work, school, and job interviews unimpeded.

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