FBI Uncovers ISIS Plot to Assassinate George W. Bush – Opinion

Forbes reports Tuesday that the FBI discovered a plot to assassinate former President George W. Bush by an ISIS agent. Forbes published this report on Tuesday.

A search warrant application that became public from the Southern District of Ohio reveals that the operative visited Dallas in November to take video footage around Bush’s home and tried to get the help of people that he would try and “smuggle” across the Mexican border, according to Forbes.

Forbes spoke with an FBI source to learn more about the plot.

The warrant states that the suspect told a confidential FBI source that he had plans to obtain four Iraqi men from Iraq who were located in Turkey, Egypt, Denmark, and Egypt. In a later conversation, he claimed that one of the four was “the secretary of an ISIS financial minister,” the FBI said. The alleged smuggler described the men as “former Baath Party members in Iraq who did not agree with the current Iraqi government and were political exiles,” the FBI said. The FBI stated that he was planning on charging $15,000 for each person who wanted to smuggle money into America. Hussein was ousted by The Baath Party in 2003 after he was defeated.

No charges have been issued against the Ohio-based man, who was awaiting asylum in the United States since 2020, but his plot was foiled by using two informants and viewing the suspect’s WhatsApp activity.

Forbes shared more details about how they monitored the suspect’s actions:

According to the FBI, while sources were sharing information over WhatsApp through 2021-2022, secretly they also recorded in-person conversations with the suspect in which startling details were disclosed. In one conversation from December, according to the warrant, the suspect claimed to have had just smuggled two individuals associated with Hezbollah — a terrorist organization, according to the U.S. — into the U.S. for a fee of $50,000 each.

Also in the FBI court filing, the alleged plotter claimed to be a member of “the resistance” and had killed many Americans in Iraq between 2003 and 2006, packing vehicles with explosives and detonating them when U.S. soldiers were near.

He is not yet known if he was arrested.

Bush was in the news last week after referring to Ukraine’s invasion as Iraq during a speech at the George W. Bush Institute.

“In contrast, Russian elections are rigged, political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process,” Bush said.

“The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq… I mean of the Ukraine,” he continued.

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