A Clip of the New Ricky Gervais Netflix Special Is Out and There’s No Way It Doesn’t Create a Firestorm – Opinion

Ricky Gervais the comedian is known as “the honey badger” of comedy. He’s small but he doesn’t give a fudge and will savage anyone and anything…only I didn’t say fudge.

Yesterday, SiriusXM host Sam Roberts had Gervais on as a guest and noted that he’d seen some of the comedy special Netflix released on Tuesday that featured Gervais. He speculated that after watching an early screening of it, the memo Netflix sent to staff telling them to quit if they didn’t like working on projects that they might disagree with political may have been about Gervais.

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You can now watch the clip and see the whole special. Suffice to say, Roberts might have been right, because Gervais isn’t sparing anyone’s feelings in the trans community. A clip that is making rounds in particular breaks all of the norms set forth by mainstream culture. You can see it yourself.

*language warning*

Gervais created this 60 second clip to make fun at society’s treatment of transgender people with silk gloves. This includes everything, from the pronouns that define gender to the dismissal of concerns about rape for someone being misgendered to the disapproval of those who rape.

Outrage has already begun pouring in. It’s the same old schlock you find from trans activists and their allies. A lot of claims that Gervais’s jokes will cause people to suddenly seek out transgendered people and begin assaulting them.

After Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” comedy special, which also featured jokes about the transgender community, there were also claims that it would generate a spat of violence against the transgender community. It didn’t, but an LGBT individual did attempt to do violence upon Chappelle while he was doing comedy on stage.

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What this really boils down to is a group that had dictatorial control over mainstream culture watching as it begins to slip through their fingers, and they’re beginning to lash out. I wouldn’t expect this to be the last violent attack from an LGBT activist or at least a disturbed individual who identifies as LGBT, such as the man who attacked Chappelle.

In the end, however, this comedy special by Gervais that doesn’t treat transgenderism as reverently as he’s supposed to by the standards of mainstream culture is necessary. Misgendering another person has been a crime for many years. They’d lose jobs, be suspended from social media platforms, and at one point, politicians even attempted to enact laws around misgendering people. Transgenderism has become a sacred cow, but sacred cows shouldn’t exist in a free society.

All of this must be reduced to reality. It just happens to be the trans community’s turn, but this was inevitable. You can only tell people they can’t be made fun of for so long before a free society reacts and that’s all they want to do. For society to be balanced, comedy is essential. Transgender people are now in a balancing point.


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