Families Not Satisfied With Report, Acting Chief Finally Placed on Leave – Opinion

The Texas legislature issued a stern investigatory report about the mass shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde earlier. This exposes many of the failings and mentions how immigration issues affected the response.

On Sunday, members of a Texas special committee met with the family of victims. They presented the report and answered any questions the communities or their families might have. What has become the most significant issue is how long it took to eliminate the gunman and what other problems caused. Despite knowing there were people alive inside the classroom because of 911 calls, they still didn’t breach the classroom. Family members were unhappy with this report.

Don McLaughlin (Uvalde Mayor) stated that all footage of body cameras taken on the day of the incident will be released by the city. It took so long for anything to be done despite the incredible number of police officers on the scene.

The truth is that surveillance footage of the shooting, obtained by ABC affiliate KVUE/the Austin-American Statesman and made public last week by the Austin American Statesman and ABC affiliate KVUE, revealed that dozens of officers gathered outside adjoining classrooms were where the gunman opened fire on both students and teachers. According to the report, 376 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers responded to the shooting.

Also, the city took legal action against Lt. Mariano Pargas who had been acting chief of police at the time of the massacre and placed him on administrative leave.

Here’s the full news conference:

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