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Yesterday, I wrote about Joe Biden’s refusal to honour Chris Dodd at University of Connecticut. It was a case of Joe Biden putting his foot in it. He said you can judge how someone treats others by the way they treat waitresses and waiters. If you know Dodd’s past history, you know why that’s exactly the wrong thing to say.

Biden made another bizarre comment regarding children at Hartford’s child care center. He was also heckled by people on both the right and left at different points during his Connecticut tour. There was definitely some ‘F Joe Biden’ working in the chants and in the signs people brought.

While I was writing those stories, however, I came across the following video. It was becoming quite popular.

Biden seems inordinately mad, even though he is trying to convey a point, doesn’t he?

It’s a ploy. It’s manipulated. It is designed to alter the appearance of his forehead, making him appear more angry and depressed. This is why we have to check the origin of every tape if it isn’t from a trustworthy source. We like to get rid of stuff like that so it doesn’t happen again.

Joe Biden is already too crazy for us. We don’t need fake crazy. However, it was funny.

While it was fake as it increased the anger, the video is still disturbing enough to warrant its own comment. Biden then does that strange thing where he sits down and looks closer at the podium. He speaks softly. Biden then begins shouting.

“We have fewer democracies in the world today then we did 15 years ago,” Biden said. He starts to shout,”Fewer! He shouts, “Fewer!” Fewer!” He then pounds the podium and looks around as though to make sure people are getting how consequential his words are. “It cannot be sustained,” he insists. Reality check. it isn’t up to you unless you want to police the world and upend every government you don’t like. Biden, and the Democrats, want control over everything. But they can’t even do what they’re supposed to do in this country without messing everything up. But he continues, “That’s why from day one in my administration, I’ve taken concrete steps to put human rights back at the center of my foreign policy and reassert our moral leadership on the global stage. As Chris, to lead [Dodd] has so accurately said, ‘To lead with the power of our example and not the example of our power.’”

Biden has a very distorted view of himself. He hasn’t done anything at all to help human rights — indeed he’s made things worse by giving recognition the to UN Human Rights Council, which is full of human rights abusers who are okay with anti-Semitism, as we noted on Friday. This is how you set an example.

Biden has also made our relationships with longtime allies such as the U.K. more difficult by cutting them off of the loop. This was so bad that the House of Commons condemned Biden in the U.K., and sent the French ambassador back in an historic repudiation. His example was a model? Don’t trust the U.S. because they may fail in their commitments to their allies and leave people stranded and at the mercy of terrorists, even Americans. In his willingness to knuckle under the Taliban, and in not supporting Americans or our allies, he created an example of power by weakness that will inspire the ambitions of those around him.

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