‘Fact Checkers’ Silent as Lyin’ Joe Biden Perpetuates Disgusting Capitol Riot Whopper – Opinion

It became clear in the aftermath of the Capitol Riot that Democrats and the mainstream media were trying to make as much money out of it. Initial reports talked of Capitol police officers being “murdered” by Trump-supporting rioters as they broke through glass doorways and breached the Capitol building. It was those early false stories that were in part used by Democrats to make their impeachment “case” against then-President Donald Trump.

This narrative, along with many others, began to collapse within a matter of days. We saw signs the media tried to rectify themselves only after a couple of weeks. “News” outlets like the New York Times took to quietly updating their original reporting to reflect the fact that Officer Brian Sicknick was not beaten to death as had been originally and widely reported. We learned from the D.C. Medical Examiner that Sicknick, who died the following day at the Capitol Riot, had suffered two strokes and passed away on April 20, 21.

Four more officers were killed in the days and months that followed the riot.

Sicknick’s and four other officers who took their own lives have been used as political footballs by left and media against Republicans. This includes members of Congress who objected the election results. The Usual Suspects also accuse prominent Republicans like Senators. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley of “aiding and abetting” the “murders” of the officers.

We’ve seen numerous members of the Biden administration partake in this vicious lie, from President Biden on down. But because supposed “fact-checkers” feel their job is to carry water for Democrats rather than hold them accountable for their whoppers, the lie has persisted, with Ash Wednesday being the most recent instance of Biden making the claim.

The incident occurred during his speech in Wisconsin, where he promoted the Build Back Better agenda. At one point, it appeared Biden went off script, and began talking about “unity” and whatnot and what was going on with Russia. In his remarks were subtle references to January 6, 2009.

Again, we’re not perfect — we’re not even close — but we never have walked away. Vladimir Putin had hoped to be able split the United States.

How would it feel to be surrounded by people and see the British Parliament razed? kill five cops, injure 145 — or the German Bundestag or the Italian Parliament? I think you’d wonder.

Well, that’s what the rest of the world saw. It’s not who we are. And now, we’re proving, under pressure, that we are not that country. We’re united.


Now, in cases where a Republican makes a claim about January 6th that is Not true, “fact-checkers” like Daniel Dale and Glenn Kessler rush to the scene like firefighters to a four-alarm blaze to “correct the record.” But when Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, and other high-level Democrats push this particular one about five officers “losing their lives” during the Capitol riot, the same “fact-checkers” go into hiding.

For those who wonder “why is that?” The answer is simple: The media and Democrats want to keep this false narrative alive going into the 2022 midterms and beyond because they think it gives them an advantage with voters who they hope will hold Republicans guilty by association for what happened at the Capitol riot which, while bad in and of itself, was not the scene of where five officers were “murdered.”

Only one person was killed that day – Trump supporter Ashli Babbit, who was shot dead by a Capitol police officer as she tried to enter through of the doors that had been kicked in by another rioter. Biden, Psaki and the others never mention her passing. Perhaps because it is not politically beneficial to do so.

It should never have happened. It’s a stain on our nation’s history that won’t be forgotten. Babbit, Sicknick, as well as the rest of the officers who died were tragic in themselves. That Democrats and the media have stooped so low as to politicize the deaths of the officers by continuing to falsely claim they were “killed” or “murdered” on the day of the riot just shows how low they’re willing to stoop to get ahead, with reporters and “fact-checkers” cheering them along on the sidelines.

It’s the “by any means necessary” approach – 2022 edition. It’s absolutely desperate and craven. But it’s just who they are.

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