Even CNN Is Raising Questions About Raid, With Former CIA Official Making Astonishing Confession – Opinion

Multiple legal or former officials expressed concerns about the nature of the raid on President Donald Trump’s home.

We already reported how Alan Dershowitz blasted the action saying a “raid is supposed to be a last resort.” “But this administration has used the weaponization of the justice system against its political enemies,” Dershowitz said.

Even CNN’s legal expert Paul Callan echoed that if this just had to do with the Presidential Records Act, it was “not enough to warrant” the action the FBI took.

Callan added, “And this is a daring and dangerous move by the Department of Justice to serve a warrant on a former President and to raid his personal residence.”

Andrew McCabe (a former FBI official in disgrace) stated that even though they did not adequately secure or turn over records, it was something he wanted.

“If they raided his home just to find classified documents he took from The White House,” another legal expert quoted by Politico said, “he will be re-elected president in 2024, hands down. It will prove to be the greatest law enforcement mistake in history.”

Philip Mudd (former CIA agent and CNN commentator) also dismissed claims that the raid was justified by classified documents. He said that many things are overclassified and that such a thing shouldn’t warrant this kind of action. He suggested that there must be more. In saying that, the former deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center and the FBI’s National Security Branch also made an embarrassing confession.

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“The chance the attorney general and the FBI director went in and said, ‘Hey, he’s got some secret document down there he hasn’t given us, and to ensure we recover those, we’re just going to go to Mar-a-Lago,’ I would put that near zero,” Mudd explained. “To get to the bar where you’re going to the residence of the former president, classified documents don’t get you there. Sometimes, I kept them in my own house. This happens every day. There has to be the additional piece … and they have to do with stuff that the FBI can’t get someplace else.”

That’s exactly the problem. Yes, if it’s a normal situation, there should be more. But we’ve seen the FBI even lie to get a FISA warrant against the Trump team in the past. We’ve seen how Hillary Clinton got a complete pass on having a whole private server with classified information on it. It’s amazing to see the lack of concern Mudd has for admitting that he took classified information home. We know that no one will be going after Mudd for that confession because he’s an acceptable liberal. But Mudd’s comments just place a glaring light on the inequity we are seeing here. Meanwhile, Trump, as the president, has the right when he is president, to declassify anything and who gets to decide what is a presidential record, according to Christina Bobb, Trump’s attorney.

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