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Loyal readers will know that I’ve been covering the decline of the American comic book industry for some time and noting that readership has primarily been dominated by Japanese Manga. American comic book companies like DC and Marvel have been shooting themselves in the foot for years as they allowed social justice and woke culture to infect their characters and storylines to the point where they’ve become unreadable.

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While many people have been happy to just complain and give up on American comics, Eric July (aka YoungRippa59), decided to change things. July began working with artists and writers to create the “Rippaverse,” a new comic universe with fascinating new characters, fantastic storylines, and a focus on escapism, something that the big comic book companies lost sight of long ago.

No one expected the reaction he would receive from fans of comic books. He raised more than $1 million in a matter of days.

July posted a video on his YouTube channel. He clearly was flabbergasted and thanked all those who had helped him raise the money.

How can the Rippaverse tell a story? The site says it centers on a small Texas ranch town, and the man who abandoned his superhero days.

Avery Silman was once an entry-level hero known as Isom in the city of Florespark, Texas shortly after gaining his special abilities. After a particular event, he had to throw away his suit and now resides on the outskirts, working as a rancher.

Avery’s sister, Altona, gives him a call and wants him to visit an old friend by the name of Darren Fontaino. Altonta’s family friend, Altonta, has disappeared. She last heard she was working with Darren. Since he was a young man, Darren’s life has changed a lot. He’s a cold-blooded shot-caller and one of the most feared men in the city.

This visit turns into one of the longest days in Avery’s life. Around these parts, people call ‘special beings’ Excepts. Unfortunately for Avery, Avery has not had the privilege of meeting them. The Alphacore and Yaira have their own set of conflicts. A man built like a tank by the name of Santwan reappears and he’s had previous confrontation with Avery. So what happens with Avery and Darren’s meeting? Where and who is this family friend? Grab Isom #1: Ill-Advised Part 1. Find out more by downloading Isom #1: Ill-Advised Pt.

This sounds like a far more compelling story than what they’ve reduced Superman to nowadays, which is a caped carrier for “the message.”

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I’d say July’s success in fundraising this much money this quickly would be a wake-up call for the comic book industry, but in its current state, I’m not entirely sure it’s capable of receiving the message it should. This is not to say that this would be important at the moment. It’s clear that solid storytelling is no longer a skill the big comic book companies possess. Juli and his crew have my trust far more.

Apparently, many others do as well which explains the insanely fast funding for July’s project.

Gabe Eltaeb is July’s partner. He was a former DC Comic Artist who quit the company due to their treatment of creators and not only superheroes. Eltaeb is a North African-born man. He became disillusioned at the way they treated him purely because of his skin colour.

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It’s going to be fascinating to see what comes down the pipe, but one thing is for sure, escapism is making a return. This is a sign of hope that the American comics industry will return, though it must be done with the help of those who are actually in the business for the stories and not politics.

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