Eric Bolling Describes Encounter With Man Who Allegedly Mocked Him By Referencing Son’s Death

“There is no blow too low for these people, and we should shudder at the thought of their having more power.”

During a Thursday BlazeTV segment, host Eric Bolling described an altercation between himself and a man who allegedly mocked him by referencing the death of his son Eric Chase Bolling.

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Bolling was in the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. Wednesday night when the man allegedly walked by and said that his son “killed himself because he was embarrassed by his dad.” In response, Bolling confronted the man, following him outside and filming the encounter with his cellphone camera.

According to Bolling, the man walked into oncoming traffic in an apparent attempt to get away from him.


Bolling said that a second man put a camera in his face and smiled even after being told about the comments made regarding Eric Chase. Bolling also added that he asked producers to blur the mens’ faces because he didn’t want to “expose them to the type of hate they had just dumped” on him.

“It was a drive-by hit on me using the most hateful words a human being can deliver to a grieving father. I got up and followed this hateful moron out of the hotel,” the former Fox News commentator said.

“I chased him down and yelled whatever comes to the mind of a man who has just been told his son killed himself because of him,”Bolling added. “Yep, I used some bad words. Yes, I followed him and yes, I shouted at him. But no, I do not apologize.”

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In a statement released by Blaze Media, Bolling slammed the use of his son’s death criticize his politics, saying it showed the “inhumanity of these people.”

“I hated to show this video to anyone because it brought back all the pain of that terrible day, but I had to — as a warning, to people,” he added. “There is no blow too low for these people, and we should shudder at the thought of their having more power.”

Eric Chase Bolling died of an accidental overdose in September of 2017.

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