Episcopal Church Invites Drag Queen to Pride ‘Chapel’

You thought that the drag queen shows couldn’t get worse. The Drag Queens are now able to make their home at sacred religious sites, instead of twerking with children. 

An Episcopal Church invited a drag queen to perform a show in its pride “chapel” in New York City. 

This video demonstrated how degenerate these leftists can be. Instead of worshiping Jesus these degenerate leftists worship a burly, woman-like man. Brita Filter is introduced by a man who appears to be the head of the church. “It’s Brita Filter,” the man says, “and she is the queen of New York!” Then the hip-hop music begins to play, and the congregation begins barking like seals as Brita Filter walks down the aisle. The congregation’s cheers get louder, and they stand up like the president is walking by. Brita Filter finally makes her way to the altar, and then he is visible for all. He smiles and receives applause throughout the show from his sheepish audience. It is a disgraceful lack of respect by the audience.

Here’s another spot you can mark on your map as an inappropriate place for kids. Leftists don’t like anything that isn’t radical.

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