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Let’s begin with a #ProTip for radical environmentalists: It’s probably not a good idea to block rush hour traffic in New York City. According to some reports, there is no New York. Yawkers don’t take kindly to blocked traffic when they’re trying to get to work on time in rush hour traffic. But, hey — knock yourselves out and see what happens.

Then again, you might not have to knock yourselves out — the aforementioned New Yawkers might be more than happy to do that for you. The Blaze reported that radical left-wing environmentalists blocked the Monday morning rush hour roads. This was more than just angering Manhattan motorists on their way to work.

Poor move.

WPIX-TV reported that northbound lanes of FDR Drive were closed at Jackson Street in Manhattan before 9 a.m. Thankfully — for our amusement — video cameras captured the festivities as they unfolded.

This is often the case for large, important protests. [rolling-eyes emoji]The environmentalists published a Twitter manifesto, in which they announced their plans.

Dear commuters, we interrupt traffic today not to bother you but to force people to face the dangers of unchecked global warming. NYC will soon be under water if we fail to act immediately. It’s a matter of life and death.

Not until 2100? Hmm. I thought it was something like only nine more years before irreversible climate change dooms us all, given that a United Nations General Assembly “High-Level Meeting” issued an 11-year warning in 2019. NYC, it’s only 79 years until you can buy a boat.

A good demonstration would not be complete without serious-asshell protesters laying in the streets.

Extension Rebellion NYC — which bills itself as “a global nonviolent movement to compel the world’s governments to address the climate and ecological emergency” — was behind the protest, ahead of “Build Back Better” Biden’s speech on Monday in Kearny, New Jersey. In passing, MumblesJoe delivers that speech while I write. No word if he’s (yet) wandered off the stage after spotting an ice cream shop.

Here’s a bit of the morning “dialogue” between irate New Yorkers and the environmentalist whacko — as our friend Rush Limbaugh was fond of calling these people, as transcribed by The Blaze:

One clip shows angry drivers getting out of their cars to face the protestors.

“You guys work?” one motorist hollered. “We got things to do!”

Another driver kicked and tossed the group’s orange cones, yelling at them to “get the f*** outta here!”

“I f***in’ work, man!” the first motorist yelled.

Another woman emerged from her vehicle and begged the protesters to let her daughter go to school.

Incidentally, Monday morning’s protest was not Extension Rebellion NYC’s first rodeo, The Blaze reported. In one of their finest recent efforts, on Earth Day this past April, the group dumped manure near the White House to protest Biden’s “bulls**t” environmental plan.

There was no word from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez that she would be available to shovel.

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