End Covid Repression, Let Life Resume

America continues to be subject to extreme restrictions due to pandemics.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you stay 6 feet away. Every person in Oregon must use a mask outdoors. In parts of the country, 2-year-olds must wear masks.

Do such rules need to be made?

Denmark recently lifted All Limitations on pandemics

“Go Denmark!” cheers George Mason University economist Don Boudreaux in my latest video. We should all do the exact same thing in America.

Boudreaux states that vaccination has reduced the severity of COVID to an intractable condition. You don’t need to be concerned about whether the bartender at your favourite bar has been vaccinated. It is possible to are protected against suffering severe consequences. Get vaccinated and live a normal life.

Portugal and Sweden also recently lifted most restrictions. The United Kingdom has abandoned plans for “vaccine passports.”

Boudreaux states, “We don’t have the right to destroy human life as we try to eradicate COVID. This is impossible anyway.”

“Why not?” You ask. “We eliminated smallpox.”

Boudreaux explains that smallpox is only found in humans. COVID-19 is also possible to live in dogs and cats. “We haven’t eliminated a disease using both animals and humans as reservoirs.

China continued to act as if COVID-19 elimination was possible.

By imposing harsh repressive measures such as quarantines at gunpoint or locking people inside their homes, they have kept the number of deaths down significantly (if one believes their statistics).

It’s absolutely horrible. It’s oppressive. This is what one would expect of a Communist-tyrannical government,” Boudreaux said.

Australia has been nearly as tough. For not wearing masks, they have imposed curfews on people and even arrested them. Some police officers proudly stated that they had “smashed the windows of cars carrying people and pulled them out…because they didn’t tell us where they were headed.”

Daniel Andrews Premier of Victoria says don’t fret about losing your freedom. They’re not rules, they are Against you. They’re rules Please see the following: 

Boudreaux responds, “So say all dictators & tyrants.”

These countries cannot lock themselves down for ever. COVID-19 is set to return when the lockdowns cease.

Denmark lifted COVID-19 restrictions.

Boudreaux says, “It’sn’t admitting defeat. It’s accepting reality.” “We can learn to live well with COVID just as we have to with many other diseases. It is possible to… In the population, the bacteria responsible for the Black Death continues to circulate. It still causes the deaths of a few people each year.

In the Wall Street Journal, he wrote, “Eradication of Covid is a dangerous and expensive fantasy.”

“We are exposed to many dangers, none of which could we choose but not eliminate. Motor vehicle bans could eliminate automobile deaths. Outlawing bathing and swimming could eliminate drowning. Outlawing electricity could eliminate electrocution. These risks are not something we accept, but we do so because we know that zero-electrocution or zero-drowning would have far-reaching consequences. Zero-Covid is the same.

He believes that now that there are many effective vaccines it is time for us to stop putting ourselves in unnecessary lockdowns. Let’s do the same thing as Denmark:

You can live your life again normally! Go to weddings and parties. Enjoy life, live it and have fun! We hope that humanity comes to its senses quickly.”

He’s probably right.

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