Liz Warren Bought Lemonade From 2 Girls – They Donated It to a Pro-Life Group

2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren bought lemonade from two 11-year-old girls in August — who then donated that $10 to the March for Life.

The presidential candidate and her campaign bus stopped by a lemonade stand manned by Sienna Michels and Audrey Billings on Aug. 8 in Harlan, Iowa, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

“Our daughters thought [Warren] was nice,” Dan Michels, father to Sienna and a Trump supporter, told the Free Beacon.

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“She came by and told us we should vote for her. And our daughters told us she was a nice person, but we don’t align with her politically and … because she’s pro-choice, we said we should donate her money to a pro-life [cause].”

The girls donated the $10 Warren paid for her lemonade to the March for Life, a pro-life march across Washington, D.C., to the Supreme Court on the anniversary of the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade. The March for Life is the biggest pro-life event in the United States, started in 1974 by activist Nellie Gray and attended by hundreds of thousands of church groups, students, and activists each year.

Warren, whose campaign did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation, tweeted about the pit stop in an Aug. 8 tweet. “Stopped for a quick drink at a lemonade stand in Harlan, Iowa. When life gives you lemons, make big structural change!” the tweet read.

“My daughter told us she wanted us to vote for her,” Michels added. “We talked about the abortion part of things and said maybe we should donate money to stop abortion, and my daughter was all for that.”

Part of Warren’s 2020 presidential platform is a promise to “protect a woman’s right to choose.”

“Extremist Republican lawmakers are trying to turn back the clock and deny women access to reproductive health care,” Warren’s campaign website says.

Warren pushes for Congress to “ensure equal access and reproductive justice,”pass federal laws to preempt state efforts that functionally limit access to reproductive health care,” and to “guarantee reproductive health coverage as part of all health coverage,” according to her campaign website.

“Congress should pass new federal laws that protect access to reproductive care from right-wing ideologues in the states. Federal laws that ensure real access to birth control and abortion care for all women. Federal laws that will stand no matter what the Supreme Court does,” Warren wrote in May to Medium, according to her campaign website.

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