Editor’s Pick: NR on Ugly Media Reaction to Musk Twitter Takeover

On Tuesday, National Review’s media and enterprise reporter Isaac Schorr provided a round-up of some of the most outrageous left-wing media reactions to billionaire Elon Musk buying Twitter, sarcastically noting that for many journalists, “It was the darkest day on Earth since net-neutrality repeal.” He then went through “the hysterical reaction of much of the mainstream press.”

Schorr was the first to highlight some panicked broadcasters like CBS and NBC.

Brian Stelter, formerly of CNN+, wondered aloud if Musk’s takeover might result in a mass exodus from the platform. “If you get invited to something where there are no rules, where there is total freedom for everybody, do you actually want to go to that party or are you going to decide to stay home?” asked Stelter.

National Review has the complete article.

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